Bigger Than The Election?

Today I fell down. It goes to show that when you’re on a path to enlightenment, you can’t afford to let your guard down even for a second because it only takes a second for darkness to gain a foothold.

What happened?

Well, it’s Election Day and not any old Election Day either. It’s one on which many people believe hangs the fate of the Nation. I’m one of those people so my passion about its outcome has been vocal and consistent. However, in my passion, I have tried to be respectful and “allowing” of the views and choice of others. Then today, for a brief second, I let my guard down and my “lower self” came rushing up to the plate.

I walked in on a heated political discussion between two people and jumped right in. I not only jumped in, I added my own heat to the fray…thereby proving that negativity begets negativity, anger begets anger and politics is a dicey subject where, absent respect for difference, the outcome is usually more, rather than less, separation.

After I left the conversation, and the location, I was driving home and again thought about the future of the Nation.  But by that point I had regained both my equilibrium and my metaphysical footing. My realization was that the fate of the Nation is more in my hands than that of either candidate. You see, politicians come and go but our humanity, compassion and respect for difference is the basis for our success or failure not only as a Nation but as a species.

While I thought the big news of today was going to be who the next President of the United States will be it turns out its a lot closer to home. The really big news of today is that regardless of what is going on around me, and regardless of how far I think I have come on my journey to higher consciousness, I have to be vigilant in living what I know to be true and the highest good for all concerned.

I placed a call to the individual I hardly knew with whom I passionately argued and said, “Regardless of our difference, there is no excuse for being less than civil. I apologize if I was and I respect your right to differ.”

That’s not only America that’s the road to peace.

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