Barack Obama: Father-in-Chief

I watched Michelle Obama’s speech to the DNC tonight. There can be no doubt that she loves her husband and is proud of him. There is also no doubt that she thinks he is a wonderful father and from all appearances he is.  She choose wisely 23 years ago.

Now, come November 6th, we have to choose wisely as well.

When I practiced law and taught a seminar for women on the divorce process from beginning to end, I always told them that they needed to retain a lawyer only after they had educated themselves on what the issues in their particular divorce were, understood how the law applied in their case, and then interviewed three lawyers that had been recommended for their skills in the particular issues that mattered. My joke line was, “If you aren’t educated, you’ll pick a lawyer based on looks or personality. That’s a good way to pick a date. You aren’t looking for a date. You’re looking for an experienced guide to take you through uncharted waters.”

Four years ago we, the nation, chose on looks and personality. The problem, it turns out, is that we were looking for a President and Commander-in Chief for the most powerful nation on the planet undergoing unprecedented economic and foreign policy challenges and what we got was a great husband and father.

Great for Michelle, Melia and Sasha. Sucks for us. In fact, just this week the President admitted that he did less than he could in his first term because of the time and attention he gave his family. What? Did he not contemplate the demands of the job, his priorities and how he’d balance them before he accepted it?

Now, as with all things in life, the “test” comes ‘round again. We get to choose again.  Those of us who are conscious and willing to accept personal responsibility for our choices, cannot possibly make the same mistake twice. We cannot afford to…figuratively and literally.

I think that the appropriate and sensible thing to do is to allow this extraordinary husband and father, Barack Obama, to do what he apparently does best. Let’s send he and his family home to Chicago so he can husband and father.

Then, after doing our due diligence, conclude that with a failing economy dragging us over a financial (and perhaps societal) cliff, we need a leader who understands how to cut the fat, cut the spending, and revitalize a failing economy.

I don’ know about you, but my educated choice is Mitt Romney.

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