Light Shines in Arkansas and Kentucky

While many are making much of what happened yesterday in Arkansas and Kentucky, it’s no surprise to me.  That’s because I’ve been saying, for quite some time now to anyone who will listen, that Barack Obama is finished.  He will not be re-elected.  The reason for my optimism is that we’ve reached the tipping point. A sufficient number of Americans are now awakened to the reality that 1) he has no leadership capability and 2) he has no core.

This President was elected on a hope and a prayer….not hope and change. He was successfully marketed and insufficiently vetted.  The inevitable outcome of that carefully crafted combination was that we elected not only a man without qualification, but more importantly, one with a political and social agenda that flies in the face of what it means to be an American.

Neither three years of on-the-job training nor the stated preferences of the American people have caused this President to waver from his anti-capitalist, anti-western, anti-personal freedom stance.  He has brought a hubris and arrogance to the office that was obscured, for quite some time, by the limelight of being the first African-American President.  That light has faded to reveal a vacuous, condescending and opportunistic man.  Which is why recently in Arkansas, Kentucky and West Virginia an out of state lawyer, an “uncommitted” and a felon, respectively, nearly matched Obama’s vote totals in the Democratic primaries.

I am heartened by this timely and needed turn of events. I am, as stated at the outset, not surprised.

One of the characteristics of the unprecedented global change in Consciousness we are transitioning through is the inability to sustain deception. Simply put, there are no more secrets.  True Light, the Light of Creator, does many things but perhaps none more meaningful than unveil the shadow side of things. Absent the shadow, Truth emerges. Therein lie the basis for my optimism.

Yes, we are transiting some difficult circumstances. Yes, we all feel the challenges. Yes, there is much being asked of us and, likely, more to come. But the shadow has been unveiled for all to see and many have now opened their eyes.  It is not Obamacare that will be repealed in November but Barack Obama himself and what he tried to do. And failed.


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