The Avengers and The Election

It’s pretty obvious why “The Avengers” has hit a financial home run in its opening  weekend. Perhaps our political candidates running in 2012 would do well to pay attention.  The message is that people are 1) looking for leaders, 2) heroes and 3) anyone capable of cleaning up the mess.  Without real life satisfaction, they are flocking to theaters to get lost in the escape of watching it on screen.


While it’s a good sign that people are finally fed up with the deceit and corruption that we’ve permitted and, in too many cases, participated in… threshold moments such as this one have historically been “ripe for the pickings” by less than altruistic individuals.

If we are to survive and establish an ethical and moral code that reflects who we really are and what we are capable of, then we’ll have to be fully conscious and personally responsible in order to avoid being seduced by those who would take advantage of our collective frustration and anger to manipulate us into an even darker reality.

We became a consumer society. As such, we became accustomed to being taken in my promises and marketing ploys that have as their end game making you want to buy what someone else has to sell. In our quest for authentic leadership we bought “Hope and Change” in 2008 with less scrutiny than we buy a car. That abdication of personal responsibility got us where we find ourselves today. To make the same mistake twice will be fatal to the culture and the Nation as we have known them each to be.

Change is filled with opportunity.  This is a time in our history, both national and human, when creative thinking is called for as is the “heavy lifting” required by each of us to see the world through this transition. Metamorphosis is never an easy process; however, when properly accomplished, it’s always a beautiful one.

We each hold in our hearts and our minds the potential for unprecedented growth. The question is “Do we have the wisdom and courage to make good use of it?” We can succeed but only if we, as individuals, identify the hero within and then act accordingly.

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