Ron Paul’s Appeal

There is a priceless lesson from the 2008 Presidential election if you want it. The Nation voted for “Hope and Change” presumably because that’s what we sought. I think it’s an accurate assessment to conclude that we’ve actually lost hope and gotten change we never anticipated. Why? Because we each abdicated personal responsibility for maintaining hope and affecting change by instead believing that one man, promising to give us both, would do what we were unwilling to do ourselves.

Enter Ron Paul.

I have been asking myself “What is the zealous appeal he ignites in, particularly, young voters?” I’ve concluded that young people are yet idealistic and believe, in theory, what is tremendously difficult to accomplish in reality. This is not a bad thing. It is, however, a perspective that is usually tempered by life experience. Hence, most people become more conservative in their views as they age and have those life experiences. So Ron Paul, in his straightforward and honest way, reflects the idealistic views of the young…but he also reflects the best in us regardless of age. He is the out-picturing of our Higher Selves.

I have always held to the conviction that we get the leaders we deserve. This explains Barack Obama. We wanted a free ride and someone else to row the boat. He promised both. Well, we got our free ride, only now the boat is careening down the rapids and controlling the oars is a man who cannot, or will not, change course.

Ron Paul’s rise to the status of serious Presidential contender is a good sign whether he is the nominee or not. Under the “leader we deserve” theory, it bodes well for our awakening to the necessity of speaking truth to power and the need to make tough decisions.

But let’s not deceive ourselves yet again.

Neither Ron Paul nor any elected official can do it for us.  A leader can inspire and can point the way but each of us must do the heavy lifting for ourselves. Unless we are willing and able to grow up and accept this truth, we’d better take one last look around at the scenery because this boat is going down.

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2 Responses to “Ron Paul’s Appeal”

  • David Kupferman:

    I thought you told me he was anti-Semetic? But, he is a breath of fresh air & may get to speak at the Rep. convention because he has a bunch of delegates in his pocket, but basically they don’t want him to speak as they think he’s too radical, things like closing all our military basis abroad & bringing all the troops home & closing the Fed. etc.

    • carole:

      Not anti-Semitic since I cannot know what is in his heart but out-of-touch with reality regarding foreign policy and insensitive to the way friends stand by friends. He would abandon Israel to its fate against a sea of opposing forces. By his being an “out-picturing” of our Higher Selves…I mean his willingness to reveal his beliefs without guise or hesitation. It does not mean I agree with them or see them as wise. But it does allow you to know him for who he is and what he believe in.