Biblical Math

When was the last time you calculated percentage ratios in your head?  Try this math problem:

Question: If there are 1426 people named in the Bible, and 111 of them are women, what percentage of those named are women?* (Answer below)

Okay, so it isn’t about them math. But I got your attention… so bear with me a little longer.

Who among us doesn’t know we are in a global mess that is on the brink of some rather potentially disastrous outcomes? Why do you think that is? Generally speaking, it’s a balance issue. When things are out of balance, whether its Nature or humanity, bad things happen. So how is humanity out of balance?

Let’s return to the math problem.

For thousands of years, as many as 5000 years, we have been writing and repeating history that alternatively excludes or marginalizes the Divine Feminine. Now if you hear the word feminine and your brain says feminist you’re way off track. This isn’t about force. It’s about power. True power.

The same book that disproportionately excludes the contribution by women begins with the statement that we were created “male and female alike.” It’s difficult, if not impossible, for any thinking person to reconcile much of what is alleged to have occurred from that point forward vis-à-vis the sexes. For having created us alike, we are told to believe that from that point forward we were to be treated and judged differently. It begs the question,

Why? Because woman (Eve) and the snake entered into an unholy alliance? I think not.

It’s much more likely, not to mention plausible, that the symbol of woman’s (Sophia’s) wisdom, which was represented symbolically by the snake long before monotheism and the rise of patriarchy, was deliberately targeted as the enemy and root of evil by a male dominated society and male recorders of history.

So, from that we have evolved, or devolved, to where we presently find ourselves…out of balance and sorely lacking in the necessary contributions that draw their origin from the Divine Feminine. The one half of Creator energy that is vital to the balanced and harmonious functioning of the whole.

What to do?

Each of us, male and female alike, must awaken to the Divine Feminine within us. We must awaken to the creative, compassionate, non-combative and allowing energies that rightfully flow from the Divine Feminine aspect of Creator.

Only when we bring ourselves into balance can we hope to create a world in balance. I hope we figure this one out very soon.

Have you checked the scale lately? It’s about to tip over.


*Answer: 7.7%

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