A Lesson From Turkey’s Earthquake

Nature has a way of balancing things out and making quick friends of entrenched adversaries.  When tsunamis, earthquakes or any type of natural disaster strike a nation, it is instructive to see how the peoples of the world come together to offer aid. New Orleans, Haiti, India, Chile… these were but a few of the geographic regions that experienced natural disasters where our differences were transcended by our humanity. Or, as I prefer to think of it, our Oneness.

Let’s pray that Turkey can move beyond its political and religious agendas to rethink its decline today of the medical and humanitarian assistance Israel has offered following the devastating earthquake just suffered there.  It is hard for me to believe that anyone, or any nation’s leaders, would deny themselves some of the nearest and best medical, military and technological aid on political or religious grounds. In fact I would have to question the politics or the religion of any group of people who would allow their own to suffer and die rather than accept the outstretched hand of a neighbor whose intentions are heartfelt.

Perhaps Turkey and the world in general, should consider that what we have failed to do of our own Free Will may now be imposed upon us in a most distasteful way by the Earth itself.  When we accept that we are powerless to oppose the full force of Nature unleashed… and that our only hope during such moments and their aftermath is our support of one another…perhaps we will rethink the wisdom of so much division and hatred and contemplate a new strategy whereby we pull together rather than apart.

If not, like children, we may have to learn the hard way. Turkey certainly is.

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3 Responses to “A Lesson From Turkey’s Earthquake”

  • Bill Connor:

    Question – Has turkey rejected Israeli help ???

    I’ve sen so often in the past how America is always
    first and largest response to world disasters = shamefully dismissed of course only after accepting
    whatever aid we provided — I take your point very well
    just curious if israel has felt the same wrath and ill-
    appreciativeness of their quick aid reponse. ??

    • carole:

      I think, in hindsight, that Turkey declined ALL help. They are in an earthquake zone and wanted to prove to themselves and the world that they could handle internally whatever recovery needs that were necessary. I guess you’d have to ask the Turkish survivors if that was the best course of action.

  • Bill Connor:

    I’m sure that type of interview would not see the light
    of internal newscasts — Sad very Sad.