Why Chris Christie?

Many of the “king makers,” power brokers and financial backers of the Republican Party are aggressively trying to engage New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to announce his candidacy for the 2012 Presidential nomination.  A general concern for the viability and/or electability of the current array of candidates has people still shopping for the candidate who can beat Barack Obama, or whoever is the Democratic candidate in 2012.

I, too, would like to see the Governor enter the race.  But my reasons are not those mentioned above.  I don’t think it’s about beating Barack Obama.  Despite what others may think at this juncture, it’s my conclusion that Obama is a one term President.  His failed economic policies combined with recent unfolding scandals, such as Solyndra, Lightsquared, and Chicago union leader Dennis Gannon guarantee it.

Beating whoever the Democratic candidate will be is not the issue, although those with political and ideological “dogs in the hunt” will reason so.  It’s about restoring a sense of truthfulness, leadership and accomplishment to the Presidency.  It’s about telling the people of this nation the truth and thereby giving them an opportunity to do what Americans do best… rise to the occasion.

Chris Christie is an attractive possibility because he instills in us the certainty and sure footed-ness that we want in both our own lives as well as in our leaders.  He exemplifies the qualities that speak of true leadership capability. He keeps his word. He is courageous. He is an independent thinker. He speaks truth to power. He teaches confidence through self-confidence. He sees what needs to be done. He is a man of action. He accepts responsibility.

The world is standing at the precipice and gazing into the abyss. There is much confusion and fear as we face the unknown. There are those who would exploit this moment and encourage us to take the next step into that abyss.

While each of us must ultimately take personal responsibility for our decisions, even the Jews of ancient Egypt required a leader to show them the way. We are sent the leaders we need. If it turns out that Chris Christie steps up and answers the call, let’s be grateful for the opportunity to turn from the abyss and pray we have the clarity to know which way to go.

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One Response to “Why Chris Christie?”

  • Alvin:

    Be careful what you wish for….besides we are 13 months away from the election. I would not count O out just yet…I’m not sure anyone who has declared can beat him when it’s all said and done…Hilary must be foaming at the mouth….what could have, what should have been….