How You Can Lower Fuel Prices

Fundamentally, everything in the physical world is made up of energy.  Life is all about managing that energy.  Now if you believe that we create our reality with our thoughts, then it would make perfect sense that we find ourselves in the middle of a global energy crisis!

To wit:  Just today, Goldman-Sachs is predicting $5.00 a gallon gas by mid-summer.

So what does managing personal energy have to do with a global energy crisis?  Well, while we tend to focus only on external conditions… such as OPEC’s control and manipulation of oil prices… or the lack of sufficient renewable or affordable energy… what if you and I are actually the cause of the energy crisis?  What if you and I fail to properly manage our own internal energy we then collectively, though our combined thinking, create a literal global energy crisis?


Well, there are only two emotions: Love and Fear.  We are frightened and controlled by fear every minute of every day by the media and, too often, by our religious beliefs.  What if widespread fear is a reflection of the misuse of individual energy?  And what if enough individual misuse combines to manifest as…wait for it…the global energy crisis?

What to do?

Immediately and permanently, dismiss fearful thinking. Focus on loving thoughts… on what’s right with your life…on what you have to be grateful for…on the best of humankind.

If enough of us move from Fear to Love we may just find, for example,  fuel prices coming down… and that could just be the first step in turning around not only the global energy crisis but a great deal more about our world that is created and controlled by fear.



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