Integrity and Health-Care Repeal

While I definitely have a personal opinion regarding the passage of universal health-care, that’s not the focus here. The focus here is integrity.  After at least two decades of rampant and oftentimes blatant deceit by politicians, it’s just plain heartening to see the outcome of the recent House of Representatives vote to repeal the Health-Care Act.


Just because the Republicans kept their word.

Those members of Congress who achieved nationwide upsets in the November 2010 elections did so because of  national disgust and growing unrest over the direction in which the country seemed to be headed.  But almost to a candidate, those who prevailed in those Congressional upsets promised to vote to repeal the Health-Care Act.  And so they did

Now whether you were for or against the passage of the Act really isn’t the issue.  The issue is that when someone gives their word they tell you their truth and then act in accordance with it.  Its how the world is supposed to work.  Whether in our personal or public life, maintaining trust and healthy relationships is impossible without integrity.

So I am encouraged by the House of Representative’s vote.  Encouraged to think that when the pendulum swings sufficiently far in one direction it will, in fact, begin to swing back toward the other.  In this regard, we’ve experienced more than a tolerable amount of deceit from our public servants to last several lifetimes… and may, sadly, have to bear the effects of all those lies for that long as well.

However, if the recent vote to repeal health-care is any indication… and I think it may well be…we are in for a new and growing rash of behavior unseen in our public servants for quite some time.

If memory serves me correctly, it’s termed “honesty.”

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