Bringing Back The Magic

As we embark upon this holiday season, may I make a suggestion?

Make a wish.  Now, don’t write this off as some fairy-tale-mental-meandering of a pie-in-the sky blogger.  Stick with me.  I’m going to make sense of it.

There are thousands of self-help and self-improvement books, tapes and CD’s out there and they sell for a reason.  We live in a high-tech/ high stress world and can use all the help we can get to…well… just get by.  In fact, the power of positive thinking has become the golden egg, so to speak, of this genre.  Whether the “Laws of Attraction,” “The Secret,” or a myriad of others techniques, they all teach, encourage and support focusing your mind to bring to you that which you want.

Well, before we had all the science and fancy words it was called “making a wish.”  After all, when performed properly, wish making shares much in common with these more advanced forms of manifesting your intention.  In fact, focused thought to manifest your intention sounds a lot like making a wish so your dream come true, doesn’t it?

Here’s something else they have in common.  Both require you to do your part, to do the work necessary along the way.  Neither focused thought nor wish-making is predicated upon you having a random thought or making a one-time wish and then sitting back, opening your arms and passively awaiting your bounty to arrive via FedEx or otherwise.

What both are predicated upon is that there exists a moment when no matter how much preparation and work you do, outside influences beyond your control may intervene to detour or totally obstruct the object of your desire.  And so, the power of intention or the laws of attraction hold that if you keep your thoughts focused upon what it is you want, even when you are not physically engaged in achieving it, you can perhaps outwit or end-run those obstructionist energies and thereby call to your assistance some inexplicable aspect of Universal energy.

So, too, with wish-making.

Its benefits engage at that point where all human effort leaves off.  And whether you believe an angel, a fairy, a leprechaun or God intervenes on your behalf to fulfill that which you seemingly could not… in the end its all the same.

What you are doing by positive thinking or wish-making is acknowledging a force that, when combined with your own, is able to co-create a specifically desired outcome.

So, this holiday season, try making a wish.  Here’s how:

Sit down, calm down and be quiet.

Look at something living.

Close your eyes.

Put your left hand over your heart.

Put your right hand over your left hand.

Breathe abdominally.

Now, on the exhale, whisper exactly what you wish for.

Do so in precisely eight words or syllables.

Then trust that your wish has been received in thought and will, when the time is right, manifest in matter.

If that all seems to “fairy-dust-esque” for you then purchase a copy of Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking” or Esther and Jerry Hicks’ “The Laws of Attraction.”

As for me, I’m simply wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a blissful coming year.

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