Greece, Crete and the Future of the World

I subscribe to the belief that 1) there are no accidents and 2) we are all One. 

So, allow me to connect the dots.

Around 1400 B.C.E, the Oracle at Delphi was one of the most sacred sites in ancient Greece.  It was where Priestesses, who represented the Divine Feminine aspect of God, received divine inspiration and prophesied about a variety of matters.  Leaders from all over the Mediterranean came for guidance, including political advice.  Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom was loved and revered.  Hence, the origins of the word philosopher…”philos” meaning “love” and soph(ia) meaning wisdom. Philosophers were lovers of wisdom.  It was a time of great cultural advancement. In fact, Minoan Crete is viewed as a high point in early civilization and where the Divine Feminine was last worshiped before aggressive, warlike and patriarchal leadership conquered and destroyed much of what had been achieved. 

The region was the birthplace of Democracy.

Fast forward 2500 years.

The economy of Greece is in a free fall and near collapse.  The government, over time, has run up huge deficits that have become unsustainable.  The EU is scrambling to put together some sort of package that will forestall an economic crisis that would likely be followed by similar crises in Portugal, Italy and Spain. (As an uncomfortable side note, we in the United States are economically situated not all that far from Greece’s current position and it may be a dire early warning of its own for us as well).

We are living through remarkable and transforming times.  You can feel the shifts occurring everywhere. The system is re-balancing itself… an occurrence long overdue, I might add.  It is re-balancing the masculine with the feminine, the positive with the negative if you will. Both forces are equally necessary for the growth, evolution and harmony of our world.

As I connect the dots. it makes perfect sense that the “canary in the goldmine” turns out to be Greece.  It is where the Divine Feminine was enslaved and relegated to second class citizenship 2500 years ago.  It was where we went completely out-of-balance.  And because we are all connected, the obliteration of the Divine Feminine eventually led us to the present moment where, now, 2500 years of patriarchal leadership and dominance have failed at the intended goal…peaceful co-existence.

I am an optimist and see the larger picture.  From the ashes of Delphi and the economic collapse of present day Greece, will rise the Phoenix in the form of The Divine Feminine. She will bring us back into balance where finally, an understanding of Oneness and all it implies, will be known, appreciated and lived.

I have always loved connecting the dots.

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