The November Elections: Think Bigger

>You almost have to be asleep to miss the political upheaval taking place.  Its everywhere putting sheer terror into the hearts and minds of both Republican and Democrat incumbents as the November mid-term elections draw near. Politicians of both parties are scrambling to figure out just what the increasingly vocal and disenchanted populace wants of them.  Its on the news day and night and the story will only get more coverage as we head into the Fall.

However, I think its just symptomatic of a much larger story.

It isn’t just a change in our politics. It’s a change in our consciousness… and its impacting every aspect of our lives, not just how we think and feel about government.

While the age-old choice has been one party or the other… the elite or the governed… the rich or the poor…the winners or the losers…such hierarchical constructs are about to experience their own transition.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not talking about replacing Democracy with Socialism.  What I am talking about is revisiting the best of both systems, and any others, that guide and support us in co-creating a world less divided.

So far, no one system has done the job admirably..  although Democracy has certainly, thus far, done it with the most expansiveness and respect for personal liberty. But so far, so good… isn’t good enough.  Nor is it a reason to stop trying to improve upon what we have achieved.>

Authentic change… the change so many hungered for in the 2008 election, the change that has not as yet come but is on the horizon, is a re-balancing of female and male energies in every aspect of our lives. 

The instability we feel at this moment in time in so many area of our lives is that which results from an imbalance in the extremeRiane Eisler, author of  “The Chalice and The Blade”, >identifies the result of such imbalance as having created “dominator” as opposed to “partnership” societies.  The result of a world run by dominator societies is exactly where we now find ourselves.  We have almost perfected the application and use of our financial resources and technological development for extinguishing the planet and all its inhabitants.  

Simply put, we are out of balance.

In the First Five Books of Moses in Genesis, as well as in the majority of pre-history cults and religions, the “story” begins with a Being both male and female.  Where we lost our way was in subjugating, and thereby eliminating, the unique contribution that 50% of humanity can bring to bear upon our conscious evolution.

When we realize there is Only One of Us, there follows the irrefutable realization that in the race to conquer and dominate… we are all speeding to Self-annihilation.

And so, while the news media is busy with whether the Democrats or Republicans will hold the majority in the House and the Senate come November… many of us are far more focused and intent upon a bigger question.

Will we transcend differences and a dominator mindset to see the beauty and value in diversity of gender and partnership… or will we remain distracted by the small stuff and never see the edge of the cliff coming up below our feet?

Now there’s a poll worth taking.

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