Eliot Spitzer and You

Lately,it seems that life is too frequently stranger than fiction.  When an institution of higher learning such as Harvard University’s Ethics Center chooses to invite Eliot Spitzer to speak, I find it difficult to overlook the dire implications.

Have we lost our minds… or have just Harvard’s Administrators lost theirs?

This public servant, this former Chief Executive Law Enforcement Officer of NY, willfully violated the law while in office while prosecuting others for the very same behavior.  Historically, I think we call that hypocrisy…not to mention, in this instance, a felony. Oh, yes, and also morally reprehensible since the felony was participation in prostitution.

I find the title of the advertised lecture particularly offensive. I am offended on behalf of Ayn Rand. Anyone familiar with the economic determinist views of Rand knows that Eliot Spitzer’s ethics and morals are the very ethics and morals Rand found disgusting and detrimental to a fully functioning society that honors, above all, the individual and a commitment to truth and integrity.

I am unmoved by Harvard’s attempting to justify their choice by claiming that Spitzer’s speech will be limited to economic issues and not encroach upon ethics.  Isn’t the Bill Clinton legacy fresh enough in our minds to raise a red flag about trying to compartmentalize a role model’s behavior to fit the issue at hand?  I think the economic boon of the Clinton years, in hindsight, was not worth the moral depravity exemplified by both he and his wife lying about a pattern of morally deficient behavior. 

Such was the slippery slope, one could argue, that brought us Reality TV. And we all know how helpful and uplifting that’s been working out for us.
I think Eliot Spitzer should stay home and not speak at Harvard. 
I think Harvard should rescind his invitation if he does not volunteer to doso.
I think sold out ticket holders should turn in their tickets.
I think students should protest his appearance.

I think how we respond to Spitzer’s scheduled appearance will say more about us than his appearance will ever say about Harvard, ethics, or our financial future.
As always, the choice is ours.

Lately, we’ve been facing a lot of really important ones.

Have you noticed?

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