Financing War

Let’s start with the admission that I am neither an economist nor a military expert.  But I like to say I’m a thinker.  So last week when I stumbled across two seemingly disparate pieces of information, the Thinker in me made a troubling observation.

First, I learned that the Federal Reserve Board, which regulates monetary policy for the United States, was created in 1913.  The World Bank was created in 1944 with the 44 allied nations agreeing at Bretton Woods to go on the gold standard whereby currencies were valued against a constant.  The constant was gold.  However, in 1971 the system collapsed when the United States unilaterally decided to no longer back the dollar with gold. In effect, the U.S. dollar then became the world’s reserve currency.

Secondly, while doing some web research for a power point presentation,  I stumbled upon a graph history of wars since recorded time.  I couldn’t help notice the huge disparity between the total amount of wars from 1000 B.C. through 1913 and the amount of world conflicts since 1913.  The escalation of war worldwide since 1913 was astonishing, to say the least.

As I was staring at the graph I suddenly remembered reading about the U.S. led (followed by worldwide adoption of) centralized banking at the beginning of the 20th century. Then it hit me.  You can’t fight a war very long without the money to fund it…to buy arms, to feed troops, to replenish resources etc. 

Prior to the creation of centralized banking, and particularly once off the gold standard, the ability to endlessly print money and correspondingly fund war simply didn’t exist.  You fought a war until you were out of supplies. Then you either went home or negotiated something resembling a peace.

Not so since 1913.

Now, we can fund the military and finance every urge we have to tinker in economies and political systems all over the globe.  Short on resources?  No problem.  Print more money or manipulate the economy through artificial interest rates to support the political and military aspirations of whomever at the moment holds the decision making power for the Federal Reserve and the White House.

Why do I care about all of this? 

Because 2000+ years of out-of-balance, male dominated, aggressive energies have brought us to this point. We are engaged in more conflicts than anyone should be and we are in debt up to our great grand children’s ears!

I’m not blaming men.  I’m pointing out that imbalance is the precursor to disaster.

In order to bring the world, not to mention the monetary system, back into balance, the Divine Feminine aspect of female energy must step up and co-create a new reality through a balance of power and shared cooperation in the application of power. 

True power is neither controlling nor aggressive.  True power is liberating and certain.  What I mean by certainty of power was best exemplified by Mahatma Gandhi.  It was his certainty of purpose, and means of achieving that purpose, that allowed him to successfully defeat the military force of an empire. 

Certainty is the spiritual “nuclear option.”  True power always trumps force.

It is now time for women to access our true inner power and, by defying the laws of man in obedience to the laws of Spirit, bring back into balance a world bent on self-destruction through the endless financing of conflict.

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