Michael Jackson, Bernie Madoff & Iran: Lessons in Distraction

         Whenever there is an occurrence that generates such massive focusing of consciousness as the death of Michael Jackson its a moment filled with opportunity.

         But for whom and for what?

         The very day that news of Jackson’s death broke, I was browsing through Barnes and Noble and came upon a book titled “Frequency” by Penny Peirce. The title caught my attention since as long as I can remember I have been known to say “We are all energy operating at different frequencies.” Since I had just “asked” the Universe for an inspirational message, I opened the book randomly and read the page.

         What I read was remarkable.

         If I can paraphrase, the author posits that since our bodies live in the present so must our minds. When we linger too long in thoughts that are either past or future, we fundamentally leave our bodies without consciousness…or as my friend Marlene likes to say, without the computer that runs it. What’s the result? Its stagnation…non-action…no movement. Think about your computer without an operating system. What can it do? Now think about your body without the benefit of your mind’s attention. It’s like that computer… and it’s not about to do anything either.  So what you get when you leave our body to trip the light fantastic is nothing.  Literally, you get stagnation in your life. Why?  Because since the only thing that exists is the Present, the Now… when your thoughts are any place other than Here and Now you are creating NO-THING-NESS in your Present. Your are creating EMPTINESS in your Life.

         I don’t know if “It takes a village to raise a child” but it definitely takes a mind and body working in both harmony and real Time to create a Life.

         How do your know if your mind and body are in sync?  Frequency. 

         Think about those days when everything just seems to be going right. You’re energetic, things fall into place, you can seemingly do no wrong. Now contrast that with days when your devoid of energy and everything you attempt feels like an uphill battle. Know what the difference is?  When things are going right, your operating at what Peirce calls your “home frequency.”  Its that vibrational rate, default rate if you will, at which your mind and body are set to maximize creativity in its various forms.  But when the opposite is true, and it all seems a futile battle, its because you’ve “left the room”, so to speak, by separating your thoughts from the Present and thereby also left your body without the means to function effectively in the material world.   You become the laptop without the operating system.  Nothing’s going to happen.

         So what’s all this got to do with Michael Jackson’s death? Or Bernard Madoff’s conviction and sentencing? Or the aftermath of the Iranian election for that matter?

         Well, while these events may be happening in real time, or close to it, are they actually happening in the real time of your own life?  I think not. If you and millions of other people around the globe have their consciousness endlessly “looping” around these distractions… and others like them… then whose minding the store? 

         The store being your body and, hence, your Life?

         I would suggest that if you’re focused on anything other than what needs to be done in your own life this day that you are guaranteeing a drain on your “home frequency” and leaking energy away from what is possible in your Life.

         Michael Jackson died. Rest in peace. Bernie Madoff is sentenced to 150 years. I guess Rest in Peace is appropriate there, too. The Iranian election is over and there’s civil unrest. I wish them freedom. But a blog had to be written and food shopping had to be done and a client needed my input and I had to exercise and meditate and my daughter will be home soon and dinner has to be made and I have target shooting tonight and piano practice.

         As long as my consciousness is operating at my home frequency I can accomplish all of those things and much, much more. Without it, I’m a bump on a log.

         So next time things seem to be slow or uphill, perhaps you’ve left your body unattended to pursue a distraction or two that has no hope of getting you where it is you really want to go in Life. That’s fine… as long as you’re not wondering or complaining about how come you’re not getting what it is you really want out of Life.


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