Waiting Patiently: Lessons in Navigating Change

         With so much tough news, economic and otherwise, it may seem as little “Pollyanna-ish” to be writing about patience. And yet, during times of transition, such as we are now experiencing, there may be few topics more relevant or more important than patience. 

         I am amazed at how many people seem to be in a state of limbo in some aspect or another of their lives. Everywhere I look I see people in transition…from career to housing to relationships to health. And by limbo I mean that how things have been for them most of their lives are, suddenly, no longer the same and yet no alternative has show up to replace that which is no longer working, or no longer here, or no longer viable. Just among my immediate friends, I know four graduate educated, formerly successful career women who have lost their jobs or left their careers voluntarily and no career alternative…not even a job let alone a career…seems to be opening up for them. I know three people with serious health challenges.

    Just yesterday I was talking with one of them and I said, “You can’t imagine the size of the capital letter ‘P’ that’s on the word ‘Patience’ we’re all being asked to exhibit.”  For some reason, my comment struck her as funny and she laughed. When she stopped laughing, she said in all seriousness, “I get it. Thanks.”

    I had just blurted it out but as soon as I said it I “got it” too.

    No matter from what perspective you look at things, the lesson is the same. If you’re a student of evolution, it’s one of those periods when both the Earth and humankind are going through geological, meteorological and biological changes that have dotted the history of our development as a planet and a people for all of recorded time. If your technological, its a time of unprecedented growth and speed. If you’re religious, for many its the transition from one prophesied time to another…for good or for bad…depending on your religious orientation. If your spiritual, its the necessary expansion of the capacity of human consciousness from a lower to a higher frequency on the path to Oneness.

    Whichever one rings true, they all have one thing in common: Change

    Change may appear to occur in an instant but in reality its a process. When you are in the middle of a process over which you have no control, your options are to fear the lack of control and the temporary unknown or, as the colloquial expression goes, roll with the punches. Rolling with the punches requires a certain amount of patience. Or should I say acceptance of what Is.

    There simply are times when nothing you do makes any noticeable difference. It isn’t necessarily because you’re doing anything wrong or doing it inadequately…its a matter of Divine Timing.  Divine Timing requires certain “pieces” to be in place, so to speak, before certain other pieces can be moved into position. To do the latter before the former would be to impede the “natural” flow of things..or in more human and philosophical terms…interfere with the Highest Good For All Concerned.

    After all, we all want the Highest Good For All Concerned. Or do we?

    Maybe that’s what this patience thing is about after all. Maybe we’re being asked to waitto endureuntil all of us catches up in our understanding that we’re all connected and if some of us prosper to the point of material obscenity while others of us suffer from the obscenity of the most heinous deprivation…then we’re ultimately holding ourselves back because there’s only One of Us.

    Sometimes, no matter how well I plan things, my timing is off. Ever have that happen to you? I suspect the answer is yes. Who hasn’t? Well, I have that answer to that query.


    God’s timing is never off. Its perfect. Its Divine. It’s Divine Timing.

    So, if things aren’t working out as you planned, or hoped or continue to strive for, just remember to be patient. Somewhere out of sight is a clock calibrated to the Highest Good For All Concerned.

    And the alarm is set.


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