Futures Tumble: Future Bright

Remember that last scene from the original “Raiders of the Ark”?  Indy and Marion are tied back to back against a pole and the Nazi’s are opening The Ark of the Covenant. Indy turns his head, as best he can, in her direction and shouts “Don’t look Marion….don’t look!” Good advice given that the energy escaping from the Ark, having been violated by evil intentions, is melting everything and everyone in sight. 

Good advice right now about the Dow. If you’re within ear-shot of me pay attention: Don’t Look!

Don’t look at the indexes, don’t look at the headlines…in fact, don’t even listen to news about it. Fear, like the energy escaping from the Ark, is attempting to run amok, and unchecked, it will take down everything and everyone in its way. 

Indy’s advice is not so off the mark. 

If you pay attention to the bad news your attention feeds the fear. You’re literally adding your thoughts to the illusion that the sky is falling. If you want to give the power of your thoughts to anything try giving it to Alan Greenspan’s comments yesterday to Congress. He said it’s an economic tsunami but we’re going to be in better and healthier economic shape after it’s over. Or pay attention to Warren Buffet who seems to know his financial stuff…he’s buying American stock. Or pay attention to what the portfolio managers of the really large funds are doing…they’re buying while everyone else is freaking out about selling.

What Indy was telling her was that your reality is as you create it with your thoughts, your intention and your attention. So be smart. Don’t place your thought, your intention or your attention upon that which you do not want. Instead, place them upon that which you do want.

I see those antiquated, corrupted systems…both private and governmental…withering away. I see systems based upon integrity and justice taking their place. I see a world where women and children are not beaten and raped and sold as pawns in political wars. I see a United States that remembers its highest ideals and lives them. I see a world that understands the interconnectedness of all people to one another and to all living things and acts accordingly and responsibly.

I don’t see the “futures” this morning. This morning I see a bright Future.

What do you see?

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