Avoid The Avoidable

Well, I’ve done it again and it’s worked…again.

For the past two weeks I have pretty much disengaged myself from any media sources that promote bad news or fear.  Now, practically speaking, this means almost all media sources… since bad news and fear are still being hotly marketed, although I think the powers that be are dragging their feet somewhat in perceiving the shift in consciousness that’s taking place.

Most of us have moved, or are moving, beyond the need or the desire to be manipulated by fear. Awakening from that long sleep, we are becoming more discriminating in what we allow ourselves to be exposed to and where we place our own thoughts.  As I’ve always said, “Thoughts are things.”  Once you have one, you’ve can pretty much rest assured that you’ve now manifested it in some way at some future point in time. That’s what all the “hoopla” was over the DVD “The Secret.”  It set forth the underlying principal that what you think about you draw to you…for better or worse. It’s true. And when you begin to take that principal to heart and live it…well, you can actually experience the difference between what I call “default thinking” and “deliberate creating.” 

In both methods you get back what it is you have placed your thoughts upon. But in default thinking you get back a whole lot more of what you don’t want than what you do. That’s because of two reasons.

    1. Most people spend their thought energy in either the past or the future…regretting or worrying respectively. With most of your thoughts in regret or worry…you create, by default, more regret and worry.

    2. When you abandon your present moment to thoughts of past or future, you absorb, like a sponge, what it is that’s occurring in the present moment.  Given the world we live in that’s more often than not fear-based conversations and news.  Taking in fear-based thinking in the present moment crates more fear in your future.  

On the other hand, in deliberate creating, you pay attention to what you are thinking and when your thoughts don’t align with your intention..what it is you want to create in your life…you change those thoughts while also being vigilant about eliminating externally generated messages that don’t support what it is you want.

Which is why for the past two weeks I have eliminated the news. I saw it coming. All the fear and panic around the economy. I simply wasn’t going to consciously set myself up for being part of the problem by further feeding the fear. I deliberately created two weeks where there was no bad economic news.

And you know what?  I didn’t miss a thing.

In fact, I stayed off the emotional roller coaster ride of the market’s ups and downs. I missed all the Doomsdayers and analysts and poll takers who offer nothing in the way of constructive thinking but loads in the way of fear. Instead I spent the time I would have been creating by default watercolor painting, reading positively affirming books, practicing piano, writing bogs, helping friends and building a future more consistent with how I choose to live my life.

When I write blogs such as this one I always include the disclaimer that I am not a Pollyanna nor do I have my head in the sand. I’m not denying the reality that “times they are a changing”…I simply use my Free Will to decide what that change looks like to meand in so doing use my thoughts to support the highest good rather than the lowest common denominator. When the time comes to deal with the change, when it’s actually in front of me, I will. In the meantime, there’s just no point in worring about it.

So, today, take control of your life by way of your thinking and avoid the avoidable. No one says you have to watch or listen or read about what’s being sold to you. Tune it out, turn it off, and place your thoughts where you want them to be.

I promise you that in your “absence”…you will not have missed a thing that matters.


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