Chaos: It's Pros and Cons

>   It’s been two weeks since my last blog entry.
    There’s a cute joke about a boy who never spoke a word in his life. Resigned that their son was mute, the parents raised him accordingly. One day at age 11, while eating oatmeal for breakfast, the boy looked up at his parents and said, “The oatmeal’s too cold.”  Astonished, his mother and father embraced him while asking, “Bobby, you can speak! Why haven’t you ever said anything before.” The boy looked at them nonplussed and replied, “Up until now, everything was OK.”
    I wish that my absence from writing these past two weeks was that simple. Or just plain true. But, to the contrary, it was a very challenging two weeks and I simply was too busy living life to write about it. Now that things have fallen into place I can share some perspective about what chaos is and why we need it.
    While most people tend to think of chaos as a bad thing that needs to be addressed, there are actually two types: the Chaos of Change and the Chaos of Stagnation. One is highly desirable while the other just gets in the way of living life. The road to living in the positive state of the Chaos of Change runs smack through the Chaos of Stagnation. Such is the paradox of Life.
    While some of us may spend an hour or a day in the Chaos of Stagnation, most of us spend years…and some of us even an entire lifetime before we realize that the Chaos of Stagnation is a necessary condition created in order to fully move into and appreciate the Chaos of Change.
    It’s the movement out of the former into the latter that’s key.
    The Chaos of Stagnation is what happens when we choose complacency over conviction. When we abdicate responsibility for our own life path and instead of seizing our personal power, relinquish it to external they events or simply other people. This type of chaos ultimately leads to restlessness, unhappiness, frustration, sadness and, if not addressed, anger.
    To the contrary, the Chaos of Change is a feeling of almost unlimited potentiality. It generates an awareness of movement, engagement and exhilaration that nourishes both inspired thinking and focused action.
    Such was the awareness born of the past two weeks of my Life.
    In Neale Donald Walsh’s most recent book, “Happier Than God” he posits that before we get what it is we ask of the Universe, we always get it’s opposite in order to have gained perspective from which to fully appreciate what it is we had asked for when it finally arrives. Problem is, most of us give up while waiting…complaining that we didn’t ask for what it is we got. Walsh suggests that when you get what it is you don’t want… know that what you do want is surely on it’s way. In the meantime, be grateful for it’s absence, for it’s absence is creating the backdrop for appreciation.
    I can now see that the Chaos of Stagnation in my life was the necessary backdrop for the Chaos of Change now upon me. I have come through the “fire swamp” so to speak (for those of you who are “Princess Bride” aficionados) and now bask in the light of unlimited potentiality known as The Chaos of Change.
    I wish you chaos in your life…yes, even the Chaos of Stagnation…as long as you use it to lead you to that pot of gold at the end of the trail… known as the Chaos of Change.

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