Paradoxically Speaking

> This is personal. It’s also important. I’m in the middle of a divorce. Anyone who’s ever been here, and probably most people who haven’t, can likely imagine that it’s an incredibly difficult and painful experience. After all, don’t all the “experts” agree that other than losing a loved one through death, it’s the most difficult loss a person will ever go through? Well, it’s true. And it hurts, even though I initiated it.
    I say maybe because I’m living through layers upon layers of this experience and coming to know that All is Paradox and the real question is “How does one want to experience Paradox?”
    Allow me to explain.
    Divorce is like grieving. It has many stages and, like grieving, we are free to stop at any stage along the way without completing the process and thereby choosing to not heal the wounded heart. The first stage is denial. The second stage blame. The third frustration. The fourth anger. The fifth sadness. The sixth fear. The seventh  forgiveness. The eighth is acceptance. The ninth Love.
    How can the last stage of divorce be Love?
    Because only Love is real.
    Within all the need for growth that draws people together…and after all the fear that drives them apart…is simply the Love that exists underneath because everything that has occurred or ever will between two people occurs within the truth that There Is Only One of Us.
    Here’s the Paradox.
    Even when we must part from another, through death or divorce or whatever the cause may be, that parting is simply the creation of more space between different parts of a unified whole. No matter how far apart the distance ever appears to be, it is impossible to move beyond the boundary which is Love…for it is Everywhere to Infinity.
    All that is and ever will be is Love.
    All the space that ever existed…all the time that was ever created by distance…are born of Love.
    And to Love they must return.
    We get it. My husband and I are ending our relationship with our lawyers and coming together in Love to resolve the Paradox ourselves. We love one another yet cannot seem to live together now. We need more space to fully grow into ourselves.         Therefore, we will co-create this ending, and new beginning, in Love.

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