Expanding Horizons

>   It’s not like me to have been “absent” from my blog all week (my last entry was on Monday) but Life kind of got in the way. I think there’s a message or two in the cause of my absence… so here goes.
    I practiced law for 13 years and about 6 years ago my husband, daughter and I moved to New Jersey. I had been licensed in Pennsylvania, where we previously lived, so I couldn’t practice in New Jersey if I had wanted to…and I didn’t.  In fact, for health reasons, I had decided to leave law about a year before we moved.  Since moving to New Jersey, I’ve been on the lookout for a new career.  Problem is that law doesn’t really translate all that well into other professions and it’s been a long, uphill effort. I even entered into two new businesses during that time but they didn’t pan out, either.  My search has never stopped and lately it needed to intensify.
    My husband and I are getting divorced and I must find a way to provide for our daughter and myself going forward.  So, I decided to get a real estate license and go into commercial real estate.  In New Jersey, there is a requisite 75-hour, two week course that ends in an exam. If you pass it, you’re eligible to sit for the State exam that, if passed, gets you your real estate sales license.
    That’s what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks…taking the course. There’s so much to learn in such a short period of time that this week it became overwhelming and I had to bow out of my usual daily blog entry.  I simply had neither time nor energy to write.
    Now, why bore you with this personal saga? Well, because there’s a higher and important message in all of this.
    We think we know the limits of what we can successfully manage and, particularly, what we can emotionally handle.  But Life has a way of intervening at times and giving us the opportunity to stretch our boundaries and surprise even ourselves. Such is my current experience.
    My husband and I are living in the same house during separation and to say “it’s not been easy” is an understatement. So here I am in my 50’s with a history of Fibromyalgia, a stress-related disease, going through a divorce with a less-than-supportive-soon-to-be-ex-husband,  financially challenged, with a teenage daughter, while I attempt to focus on and learn an entirely new field so I can get licensed and build a career.
    What’s my point?
    Well, people who know my situation say they can’t imagine how I am getting through it all. But the point is… I am getting through it all.  Not only am I getting through it, but I’m being given the opportunity to apply the principles I write about such as positive thought, creating your own reality, believing in yourself and your ability to grow beyond externally imposed limitations.
    I can’t say I’m “happy” about what I am going through.  But on some level I actually am joyful to know that Life really doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. I’m also growing stronger and wiser with each day that I fully embrace the Now of it all and meet these challenges with an eye toward what it is I want to create going forward.
    So the message I would leave you with is that there are no accidents or conspiracies to do us in. There are simply experiences filled with the potential of bringing us ever more present into ourselves and discovering not only Who We Really Are but What We Are Really Capable Of Creating.
    Oh yes. And before I forget…I haven’t been alone. The Source of All That Is has never left my side.
    Now there’s a joy I can hardly describe.

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