What's In A Smile?

>     The students in Tibet are rioting due to the repressive Chinese regime that seems to be all out determined to commit cultural and religious genocide upon the Tibetan people and the apparent ineffectiveness of the Dalai Lama’s government-in-exile and his pacifist approach.  As a result of the growing chaos, the Dalai Lama is threatening to resign as the head of that government-in-exile, although he has no such option as spiritual head of Buddhism.
    Thank heaven (no pun intended) for that minor technicality. Really!
    Have you ever seen that man smile? He has a priceless joy and innocence that I would pay good currency (and probably a bit more) to be able to live on a daily basis. It’s not naiveté, either. It’s the unfettered, and as yet untainted, innocence of children, before all the rest of us impose the “cant’s” and “dont’s” and “impossibles” of limited belief systems. It’s where we all were at one time…only he’s figured out the way back.    
    The world would do well to study at those feet for awhile.
    Instead, his government-in-exile goes unrecognized by every other government in the world, as does the censoring of Chinese internet access to any stories that shed the light of truth upon Chinese oppression of the Tibetan population. It’s not a surprise, really. The world is usually slow to respond to oppressive regimes where economic issues compound the matter and profit is at stake when standing tall for what is right.
    I think we’ve come far enough that we as citizens of this democracy should demand of our leaders that we do, in fact, recognize the man, the government-in-exile, and the indefensibly inhumane actions of the Chinese government.  And yes, that’s going to have economic consequences and who knows what other consequences as well.
    But here’s the thing.
    History, our history, is replete with examples of how we as a nation turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to efforts by other nations to annihilate a group of people for what they believed in and each of those historical events is a blight upon who we are. Plus, our delay in standing tall, in those instances when we ultimately chose to, simply cost the loss of so many innocent lives and then our fair share of our own. You’d think we’d have figured it out by now that it’s not about the money and it’s not about the oil. It’s always about making choices for the highest good of all concerned.
    So, here’s this amazing, peaceful man with this amazing heart-warming demeanor who makes you feel good and hopeful just to be around him. So turning a blind eye or deaf ear isn’t going to work on this one because he just has to show up and his energy positively changes the room whether you can see him.. or hear him.. or not.
    I suspect this was true of all the great spiritual leaders in history and always will be he case. Perhaps we can get ahead of the curve on this one and not have to stand by while he’s crucified or stoned or incarcerated or tortured. He is, after all, human and such things will hurt him as well as us.
    And although we’d be the worse off if such things happened, I suspect he’d never lose that smile or that childlike innocence.
    After all, he holds authentic power and if there is a secret, he knows it.

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