In God's Name

>    There was a cowardly terrorist attack today in Jerusalem against high school age students.  Many died, many more injured.  It never ceases to amaze me that the most abhorrent and inhumane acts are carried out in the name of God.  As a Jew, my religion teaches me that God’s name is sacrosanct, even unpronounceable, for it harbors within It the incomprehensible power of Creation.  Creation is the act of bring forth Life.  So how is it possible that in It’s name what is rendered is the deliberate taking of Life?
    I am fond of saying that for every butterfly to be born, a caterpillar must die. This is the analogy I often voice when pessimists raise the specter of so much violence in the world. I try and remember that ultimately we are evolving toward a more conscious, more loving Being, we humans, and that a necessary component of evolution is the dying off of certain forms. And it helps to throw in a little physics and add that matter is neither created nor destroyed…but rather redistributed.  It helps when the discussion is theoretical. It’s of little consequence, and less solace, when children are massacred.
    I write every day with a single mindedness of purpose. That purpose is to find the highest meaning for all concerned. I pride myself on having the gift of being able to do just that, no matter what the occurrence. This entry challenges me to my core and I wonder, even as I write, if I can succeed this time.
    My agony is not because these were Jewish children, but because they were children. Whether these 9 innocents, or the children of Darfur, India, China, Gaza or Philadelphia…we must awaken to the Truth that to abandon the children is to bankrupt the future. We have become so hardened to violence is it’s many forms that these become just news stories without eliciting form us the agony and indignation that should rise up from our innermost Being and scream “No more…not on my watch.”
    To do nothing is to partake of human sacrifice. Let’s not delude ourselves that because there is no physical altar it is anything other than sacrifice. But for what are we sacrificing our children? What answer could possibly validate the question? Who are we to allow so much anger and hatred to fester that the lives of children have become expendable commodities to be traded in a war waged in the Name of God?  For we are allowing the hatred to  continue to fester and grow for so long as we do not demand of ourselves that we begin immediately to remove hated from our own lives.
    There is no “us” or “them.” There is no “other.”  There is only the full expression, as seen in an infinite number of possibilities, of the Pure Urge to Be All That It Is.  If evil exists it is separation. It is the illusion that what I do to you I do not also do to myself.  It is allowing hated to rise above compassion and stand as a guiding principle in the Name of God when God knows nothing of hatred…for it is humankind’s co-creation… and our least admirable one at that.
    There is only one way to redeem the lives of those high school age students in Jerusalem. Only on way to save the children everywhere whose lives are daily being devalued, abandoned, tortured, and enslaved. You and I have to say “enough.”  We have to circumcise our hardened hearts. W have to raise our voices to such a pitch that there will not be a corner of this Earth where one can escape our cry.
    And we must Be, in God’s Name, what God Is.

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