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>     Today was just too hectic to write my usual blog entry. Try as I did, everything conspired to get in the way of my sitting down to write. Since I always like to find the highest meaning in everything (as you regular readers are well aware) I thought I’d find one is how today went as well.     
    Many of us have a tendency to think that no matter how much we do, it’s never quite enough. We really don’t believe in “quality not quantity” or we’d often realize that we usually get things right the first time and in pretty short order when we trust our instincts. Trouble is, we second guess our instincts. That’s when we usually go astray and wind up putting way too much in to what turns out to be way too little.
    It’s late. My day has been long. I’m trusting that my instincts are right. Therefore, this is the message.
    Trust your instincts and keep it simple.
    That’s it. The whole entry.
    Nighty night…

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