Global Warming 101

>     Over the weekend I had a conversation with some friends about politics in general and the upcoming election. One of the women voiced her concern about global warming and said she was driven by that issue in deciding for whom to vote. She seemed really concerned so I asked her if she was as worried as she looked and to my surprise she answered, “I am. It really scares me.” I was shocked by her reply because this is one person who has the most positive outlook on life you could imagine. She is genuinely, and generally, happy every day just to open her eyes and breathe. Everything after that is “gravy” to her.
    I suggested to her my take on global warming and asked her to give it some thought. I’ll share what I said with you, too.
    Whether we humans caused or contributed to the current state of things or, in the alternative, it’s a natural cycle that Earth partakes of…it really doesn’t matter. That’s not to say that I am callous about the subject of deteriorating environmental conditions or vanishing species. Both concern me deeply. It simply means that “order and chaos” are the heartbeat’s rhythms of Creation. When anything is in a state chaos what occurs is “correction” so as to move it back towards order…and so forth and so on. I see global warming as a necessary correction as we transit this particular heartbeat of chaos.
    It is not possible to separate we humans from the environment in which we live, whether it be “lesser” life forms, the Earth, or the Universe Itself. All of It is an integrated, interdependent self-organizing system that will seek to move Itself toward balance when too far astray from an optimal state of equilibrium.
    That’s what we’re in the middle of right now. Whether it’s the demise of the effectiveness of systems of governing and commerce, or radical weather patterns and cataclysmic events, they all originate from One principle and seek to achieve One end: movement from chaos back to order.
    When a balance is once more obtained, do not think it will stay that way. It is the natural course of energy to move, to change. Within the order that will soon manifest will be the seeds of future chaos. This is as it should be. This is Life.
    What I told the woman who is so frightened of the thought of global warming was not to think about it…well, at least not to think about it with fear. Thoughts are things, too. And powerful energy they are. So if any of us must dwell upon global warming, let’s see it as one of many symptoms of changing times and better to think about how we can best adapt to, as well as contribute to, the emerging order.

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