Missing The Point

>     Someone made an interesting comment about my blog yesterday. Because it’s my nature to see if there is any credence or learning for me in the truth of another, I have given the comment due consideration and come to my conclusion.
    But first, the comment. The person told me that as to the content of my blog, “it’s always the same message” and so he has stopped reading it. Now, ordinarily this might be a hurtful message to give a writer, especially one who aspires to inspire others. So, I had to look carefully at the comment and be honest with myself. After due consideration, I have decided that he is right. However, rather than it being the basis for folding my tent and moving on, so to speak, his observation re-energizes me in my mission and motivates me to continue along this chosen path.
    Because he is right. There is only One message. Just as there is only One Source, One You, One Me, and One of Us. That is the underlying structure upon which I build every blog entry. And the reason it is both the foundation and the repetition is because like all things new, it will take time and reinforcement to become the accepted norm.
    We have lived thousands of years under an illusion of separation and the consequences of division, aggression, competition and war that separation breeds. It will take time to establish a comfort level with the new awareness of our connectedness and all that it implies.
    It will also take repeated exposure to the multifaceted and multidimensional ways in which that connectedness, the Oneness, plays out in our lives. My contribution to reinforcing the underlying principle is to show how and where, in our daily lives, the principle can be detected and applied. And so, I look at personal, local, national and international stories to extract and highlight the seed of Oneness that is inherent in everything that occurs, no matter how obscure it may seem at first glance. For what I am doing is teaching an exercise in consciousness development that is here for the taking.
    One of the things I have learned in my life thus far is best summed up in a parable about the Buddha.

One day there was a knock on the Buddha’s door. Upon opening it, a man confronted the Buddha and began to rail against the Buddha’s teachings, insulting the Buddha as well. After allowing the man to express himself fully, the Buddha looked the man in the eyes and said.”Thank you. But I cannot accept your gifts. You’ll have to take them with you when you leave.”
    The man who made the comment about “there being only one message” has obviously chosen to pass on the opportunity to reinforce the message. I can only hope that in so doing, he is choosing to find alternative resources that mirror and thereby reinforce for him, on a daily basis, the magnificence of the unfolding that we are All Now a part of.
    And I wish him well as he leaves on his journey.


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