McClellan, Halloway and Us

> Sometimes it takes a while for the truth to surface…but it always does. That’s the beauty of the truth. It inherently rises upward. Two of the most recent examples are 1) the disclosure by Scott McClellan, former Press Secretary to President Bush, that McClellan was deliberately fed misinformation by the President, Vice President, Karl Rove and “Scooter” Libby regarding the “outing” of the identity of Valerie Plame and 2) the recent arrest of three young men in Aruba in connection with the disappearance and apparent death of American high school graduate Natalie Halloway. It’s taken awhile, yes, but in both cases the truth is being outed.
    We are living though a transition in human consciousness that effectively “removes the masks and veils” that have for so long obscured our ability, and our choice, to know and confront the truth. Previously, deceptions and manipulations either went unnoticed or were readily accepted by most in order to maintain the status quo.
    In case you haven’t noticed, those days are over.
    Whether in your personal life or in connection with more public matters, it will now be increasingly difficult and in some cases impossible to see, and know, anything but the truth. Many of us have been experiencing this reality for some time now in our personal and professional lives. Old ways of doing things that lack integrity are no longer working. Integrity means not just truth telling, but a commitment to the wholeness of an idea or action, not just the self-serving aspects of it. Integrity is proceeding from an internal knowing that all living beings and all outcomes are connected. To deceive another is to deceive oneself…not figuratively or philosophically…but literally.
    Many of us lament the world in which we find ourselves. We find it nearly impossible to keep up with the pace of things, are disillusioned by the endemic dishonesty all around us, and frustrated by our inability to affect change. But each of these challenges, and their cures, begin with how honest we have been with ourselves and in our dealings with the world and others.
    The outer world in which we find ourselves is but a reflection of our own inner worlds. When we are willing to stop the rushing, competing, denials and quest for more and more having…and face the truth of what we know in our hearts, then and only then will the quality of our outer world change.
    Many people are now stepping up and turning off the repeated messages that have been programmed within them to consciously alter their behavioral patterns in order to create a more harmonious and truth-based world. Those who are waking to this challenge and opportunity will, in fact, ride the wave to that higher vibration.
    Those who choose to remain in a world run by manipulation and deception will effectively miss the wave. As with everything else, the choice is yours.
    While you are pondering which path to take, imagine yourself today to be Valerie Plame or Natalie Halloway’s parents now that those truths are surfacing.
    Then imagine how liberating, and satisfying, the truth can be.


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