Raging Bull

>     Doesn’t it seem that for quite some time now there is always someone, or something, “raging” at us? Whether it’s the wildfires in California, the terrorist in the Middle East, the Republicans and Democrats in Congress, or some angry motorist in rush hour, we appear to be surrounded and inundated with rage. And it’s closing in. What’s a person to do?
    For the most part, it will be a good thing if you can find your peace and direction from within. We are in times of great chaos and change…not necessarily a bad thing…but change, especially change for the highest good of all concerned…is always accompanied by stress. Stress is the natural by-product of a structure expanding. The old limits and parameters are “tested” as they attempt to adapt and accommodate new dimensions.
    It’s of little value to look outside yourself to try and find the answers for the answers are within. Each of us was designed, created, with an internal reference library to access for locating all that we need to know in any given situation. The key to accessing the information stored within the library is an ability to listen…to receive.
    We are not taught about receiving. We are taught about giving and we are taught about doing, but rarely do we find guidance around the Art of Receiving. There is a very good reason for this age-old, deliberate omission…for if you know how to access internal guidance that provides you everything you need to know, there would be no need for the “experts” and organizations outside of us to which we all flock and financially compensate for their “special” knowledge.
    When you lack the ability to receive and proceed from internal guidance, you are at the mercy of, and are reliant upon, those people and institutions that appear to have what it is you lack. Appear is the key word here. Believing that someone else has more knowledge than you do about how to BE YOU is an illusion created by others and perpetuated by you. One of the ways this illusion is perpetuated by self and others is through fear and chaos. These mechanisms may take many forms, but they’re all of the same origin and for the same purpose. Control.
    Chaos in the form of rage is the current form of choice.
    The best way to deal with chaos and rage is to learn how to be “in it but not of it.” (Now where have I heard that advice before?).
    When in the midst of chaos, or when in the presence of rage, what you want to do is perfect going within yourself to access the reference library of infinite information with which you are equipped to obtain what it is YOU need to know to transcend the situation. Transcending the situation means being able to witness the chaos without becoming a part of it…without contributing to it…without helping it grow.  
    I have heard multiple stories in the past three days of people who did not evacuate their homes in California as the raging wildfires approached, even though they were ordered to do so by local government, but instead chose to stay and use their brains and their resources to fight the fire. In each of those cases, they saved their homes although every evacuated and abandoned home around theirs burnt to the ground.
   Fear and rage are powerful behavioral control mechanisms.
    Inner guidance is the override.
    When chaos comes, and others warn you about what to do and how to handle it, don’t abandon yourself. Go within, use your intuition and internal reference library to adapt and expand new dimensions…and, oh yes, survive.   

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