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>  It’s the norm these days that bad news builds up periodically and puts us over the edge. Actually, it happens almost daily with national and global news reports of all that is wrong in the world. 
   One solution is to tune out all that negative chatter and place our attention elsewhere. But what do we do when it happens in our personal lives? 
   It’s inevitable that the simple fact of living in a high-tech, fast-paced, globally-connected world is going to periodically take it’s toll. We all get stressed out. For me, it became very personal this past week so I’d like to share my solution with you in the hope it will be of value.
   It’s called “segment intending.” Actually, it’s not originally my solution.  I borrowed it from Esther Hicks’ work with the energies called “Abraham”…non-physical beings who have communicated some amazing information through her. 
   Now before I lose you with that last sentence…hang in here a little longer and then tell me this is not a great plan!
      Segment intending is setting forth, in your own mind and in your own words, what it is you intend to happen in the immediately next occurring segment of your life. 
Here’s how it works.  
   You get into your car and are driving to a meeting. Before you start the engine, you say to yourself, out loud, “As I enter this next segment of my life experience I intend to encounter no traffic delays, have a pleasant ride listening to music I enjoy, and arrive in plenty of time to relax before my meeting.”  Then you start the engine and have the experience you just set forth.
   Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it. Well, IT WORKS! 
   Now the key is 1) you have to know what you want in the next segment, 2) you have to believe it is possible, and 3) you have to expect/allow it to manifest in the way you thought and spoke about it.
   What’s all this got to do with personal and global “bad”news. 
   Well, first of all, there’s no bad news. There’s only our limited perception of what the “big picture” is and why things happen they way they do. But secondly, when you manage your life deliberately, one segment at a time, everything really is manageable. And what’s more, putting your intention and your attention on what it is you really want gives momentum to your desired outcome.
   I have said since I was 5 years old…”thoughts are things.” Have the thoughts you want and get the experiences you want.
   Now to the personal part. 
   The past two weeks my husband has been out of state getting his pilot’s license. Everything imaginable has happened to our house in that time period…not the least of which was getting struck by lightening and destroying our sun room. 
   At another time in my life, without the guidance and wisdom of “Abraham” I probably would have caved. But instead, I handled each occurrence head on…setting forth my intention around how to deal with it and the desired outcome…and calmly spoke with my husband each night keeping him posted while supporting him in his goal. 
   And you know, there’s a residual benefit to it all as well. 
   When you are so focused on tending carefully and deliberately to your own life, segment by segment, you don’t have to worry about the world’s problems and all the catastrophic predictions we’re fed every day. They simply don’t exist because your total energies are directed in a positive, self-supporting way.    
   So, try it. One segment at a time. You may not believe in non-physical beings called “Abraham” but you can believe in your own lowered stress levels and renewed sense of empowerment. 
   The proof is in the doing
   Actually, it’s in the segment intending.

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