What If?

>  You know the expression “As above, so below?”  It’s often used in relationship to spiritual and earthly matters. Well, this morning I had an insight on this very subject. 
   I suggest you open your mind and hold onto your seat.
   How come the Creation story basically starts with Eve’s causing Adam to see reality in whole new way, thus putting the “fear of G-d” into him (literally!)and getting them both put out of that beautiful place of abundance and harmony? 
   We never question, “Where did that story come from? What preceded it? And most importantly, “What’s the real message”
   Here’s my take on it. 
   In all of nature we see two genders. And we see the necessary combination of them both to create and perpetuate all that is. As above, so below. Therefore, “above” or “preceding” this realty was both Matter and Consciousness. Matter is represented by male energy and consciousness by female energy.  Matter, whose energy is more dense, never had a sense of itself until it developed Consciousness. When it did that, it had its first awareness of Self and was jolted (frightened)by the sheer magnitude of it’s own power. In responding to the “jolt”, Matter reacted with a force equal and opposite to that which Consciousness presented and by so doing, separated itself from itself. For Matter and Consciousness are One.   
   Ever since that occurrence, the Universe has been one of duality, separation and the search for Unity.
   Hence, the Creation Story. When G-d “punishes Adam and Eve and expels them from the Garden” we are being told that ultimate power is so overwhelming that G-d (Creator/Energy) reacted to it in a negative way…thus setting up the reality in which we now live.
   Good news coming.
   Today, around the world, millions of people spent an hour simultaneously reuniting those energies. Separate, they were weakened, tired, and near depleted. Reunited, they now become, each unto themselves and in relation to one another, strong, complete, enlivened and magnificent once again.
   Creator experiences itself through us. We are each Consciousness and Matter. As we understand and accept this fact, about ourselves, our relationship to one another, and to the Source of All… we heal not only this reality but All Realities.
   As below, so above. 
   A New Creation Story.

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