The Blog That Was Not Written

>  It’s my intention to write to my blog each week on a regular basis Monday through Friday, but yesterday I didn’t. Yesterday, our 14 year old daughter graduated from Middle School.  Despite my efforts to rise before dawn and get my blog written, it just didn’t happen. I had so much to do that I made the decision to get on with all that needed to be done for her and skip the entry.
   As a result of how yesterday played out, today I’m thinking about how we get done all the things that we need to do in this fast paced world in which we live. 
   The answer I call “priority plus.”
   Somewhere along the line it’s necessary to decide what is of importance to you because it’s likely that, more times than not, you simply can’t get to everything that needs your attention. So where to start?
   I think you start with the people who need your attention. Like I did, yesterday. 
   Sure, I get a kick out of writing my blog each day. The creativity is a vital part of who I am. I know there are people who click on it each morning and look for that bit of inspiration I try and provide.  But when it comes down to what I like to do, or even what I need to do relative to my career, it pales in comparison to what our daughter needed from me on her special day. 
   So the people in our lives have to be the first rung on that ladder of priority. The “things”…the “to do’s”…the tasks…have to come second.
   But there’s more. It’s not enough to decide who or what needs to be done and give it your time and energy. You also have to give it your attention.  By this, I mean that once the decision is made as to what is important to you, you have to put the full weight of your consciousness to bear on it.  Going through the motions, without your heart and mind being fully engaged, becomes a giant waste of your time and energy. You have to feel passionate, be passionate, about where you devote who it is that you really are. 
      A passionate commitment to whatever it is that you do is the engine that drives the bus.  Without a commitment of both thought(intention) and action, your doing remains nothing more than tending to tasks and obligations. But…add spirit, intention, consciousness, passion, emotion (whatever you call it) and suddenly you are fully enlivened and engaged with others in co-creating a powerful and meaningful experience.
      Who You Really Are is reflected in the choices you make. The choices you make show others how important people and things are to you. Making choices that honor yourself and others by bringing to those choices heart, mind and soul is an invigorating way to live.
      We had a great family day together yesterday. Everything we did was full of joy.
      And today?
      I really love writing this entry. 

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