President Obama: Customer Friendly

Did the President of the United States, in his first Press Conference in months, just say he is looking for ways to make the Federal government “more customer friendly?” He did. Customer friendly? If that isn’t the Freudian slip of the century I don’t know what is.

Those of us who voted otherwise last Tuesday saw that mindset as one of the reasons he should not have been re-elected. This guy thinks we work for him. He’s got it backwards. He works for us, the American People, as does the rest of the Federal government. If you wonder why he appears to think more about himself and less about your best interest it’s because he has never run an actual business. So how could he have any experience knowing how an actual business owner views his customers assuming, wrongly, that the Federal Government were a business…which it is not.

Secondly, regarding the misinformation Ambassador Susan Rice gave on five talk shows on the anti-Mohammed video being the impetus for the Benghazi attack, the President threatened that anyone who questions her “service to this Nation better come after me and not her.” Okay. Let’ do just that. Let’s go after him and demand to know, in the Nixonian fashion, “Mr. President, What did you know and when did you know it?”

All in all, the more that those with eyes to see and ears to hear are exposed to this man, the more it is apparent that he has a different agenda than the one set forth in the Constitution. His agenda is to do what he wants, when he wants and demand it be how he wants regardless of what his “customers” think.

By the way, if you “bought” something from this guy and it turns out the product is defective or advertising misleading, good luck getting remedial action. I’m pretty confident no one answers the 800 number.


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