Obama’s Incompetence Is A Factor in U.S. Embassy Attack

In deciding whether or not to re-elect President Obama I think we should be asking an important question.  While I don’t expect my President to be prescient, I do expect him (or her) to have sound judgment and be able to at least sense the direction of the “winds of change”…especially where “change” was touted as an area of expertise.

So, the question is “Has President Obama been able to accurately sense critical change and lead accordingly?”

I will refrain from going into all of the policy issues (Obamacare, the economy, taxes, education etc.) and instead seek a more generalized analysis based upon our security and liberty in an increasingly danger-ridden world.

President Obama took to the airwaves to publicly support the overthrow of the Mubarak regime in Egypt. He lauded the “Arab Spring” and hailed it as a beacon of emerging democratic ideals in the Middle East.  Never mind the undertow of warnings coming from both inside and outside Egypt that the extremist Muslim Brotherhood would likely be the benefactor of the revolution and an Islamic state governed by Sharia Law the outcome.  President Obama’s dismissal of such concerns was because he apparently had more faith in the altruism of the Muslim Brotherhood than did most foreign policy experts or simply freedom-seeking Egyptians, for that matter.

Today is 9/11. The date speaks for itself in the hearts of decent people the world over. But Islamic terrorists love patterns and anniversaries.  So today, in the resultant Egypt presided over by a Muslim Brotherhood President, Mohamed Morsi, the U.S. Embassy is being stormed and the American flag torn from its rightful place.

Last week, opponents of the Morsi government were crucified in public.

It is my unwavering conviction that a President who so grossly erred in interpreting, and then wrongly supporting, a critical event in global politics and human history (as did Neville Chamberlain) is the wrong man for the job of President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America.

I find his continued support of radical Islam and his blindness to the threats and real danger of the Muslim Brotherhood to be not only willful disregard and gross incompetence, but also, on this date of 9/11, a dishonor to all those who died on September 11, 2001.


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