A Dishonest Attorney General, Really?

When I was practicing law, nothing frustrated or angered me more than a dishonest or unethical lawyer. After all, aren’t honest inquiry and outcome the method and goal of the Socratic Method?  So imagine the dismay when a President Clinton (a lawyer) lies under oath or plays the semantic game of “it depends on your definition of what ‘is’ is.”

Or…when the highest lawyer in the Nation, Attorney General Eric Holder, needs to be sued in order to comply with the law and cease hiding behind his boss via Executive Privilege.

Truly if this Administration had any shame, or even regard for the Constitution, they would have stopped the political maneuvering months ago (or not begun it at all) and produced, under subpoena, the documents demanded relative to Fast and Furious. But “therein lies the rub” as Shakespeare says. They have neither shame, regard for the Constitution, nor interet in the welfare of the American people.

This Administration is busy either paying off the Unions and its big contributors or demonizing the opposition. For them, it’s not about substance or truth; it’s about obfuscating the facts in order to retain power.

Attorney General Eric Holder is the same man who prematurely dismissed the Civil Rights law suit against members of the Black Panther Party who intimidated voters at the polls in Philadelphia. It seems his propensity for doing what is political rather than what is legal knows no bounds.  Which is why I am encouraged that Congress has seen to file suit against him.

Regardless of the pace of that litigation (for who doesn’t know the snail’s pace at which our Justice System moves) the remedy for an incompetent and/or corrupt Attorney General is more immediate.

Fire his boss on November 6th.


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