The Use of Light in War

In the Art of War, ancient Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu sets forth the best strategies for vanquishing an opposing force. One of the foremost principles is to turn the opposition’s strength into a weakness…thereby converting it into your strength. This principle presents us with the key to resolving the personal and global challenges we are currently facing.

Much of what is wrong in our personal lives, and the world in general, has been caused by deceit. The misuse of political, financial and personal power always requires reliance upon deception. Deception can only thrive when obscured. When exposed, deception loses its power. The very deceit that formerly empowered a few becomes an unraveling thread that ends in their annihilation as well as exposure of what was false.

Deception necessitates secrecy. Secrecy requires obscurity. Obscurity is darkness. In order for those who would use deceit to manipulate others they need to operate in darkness, far from the “light of day.”

So there’s the answer.

The death blow for the world’s current immersion into darkness is light. But not just any light: the Light of Creator which has as it two fundamental characteristics Love and Truth.

When we look beyond the circumstances of our personal life, we often think there is nothing a single individual can do to significantly affect the direction of society. In fact, it seems we can barely affect the direction of our own lives.

Neither thought is true.

Whether personal or global, the correction that needs to be applied to the current situation is for each of us to live in Love and Truth.  By so doing, by being the manifestation of the Light of Creator, we join together in consciousness and in deed to unmask the false premise that one individual cannot make a difference. In the process, we simultaneously eliminate deceit.

We are at war. It’s a spiritual war between The Light and Darkness. Allow Sun Tzu to guide you in the way of war. Just make certain you know who you are and on which side you stand.

Once that is accomplished, you’ll find the destination becomes clear and the path illuminated.

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