The President’s Gulf Epiphany

It seems that the Obama Administration has today lifted the Gulf off shore drilling ban it imposed after the BP oil explosion.

A skeptic might say that the sudden reversal is nothing more than a political move to try and gain whatever votes can be had for the upcoming mid-term elections in which polls show the Democrat party taking a severe beating.  After all, the ban has hurt an already struggling economy by eliminating 10-15,000 jobs.  Until recently, the Administration seemed tone deaf to the voices calling for the lifting of the ban. Now, with the Democrat majority in both Houses in jeopardy, the President’s hearing has taken a turn for the better. A skeptic just might say.

I’m not a skeptic.  I’m a spiritual warrior moving through a paradigm shift who always looks for the highest message.  I think the message here is that try as they may, the methods, policies and tactics that were effective in the old paradigm are unquestionably impotent in this one.  I also think that you cannot now impede what some call the “will of the People”… but what others call the collective consciousness.

What we are going through is real change.  Real change means the way in which things get accomplished defy the methods of the past.  Real change is each individual awakening to the full scope of their own internal power to effect change.  Real change is the stuff of legends and miracles.  There will be many miracles beheld and many legends born of this time of transition.

And so, I leave the political analysis context and finger pointing to those still mired in the old paradigm.  Looking at it all from higher ground, all that happened was all that needed to happen… whether those with “apparent power” planned on it or not.

It isn’t that we drill or not in the Gulf.   It’s how we drill.

We must do so with a consciousness of gratitude for the abundance of energy that is there and respect for how we obtain that energy and use it.

That will be real change and now we’re being given the chance to show that we can rise to the occasion.

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