The View From Above

When Life’s challenges seem to come at us at a fast and furious pace, it’s easy to get bogged down by a very limited view of things. Limited views, by definition, are only a finite part of a greater whole. And so, like the astronauts who get to view Earth from a greater distance and thereby gain a broader perspective, I think it’s important for us to be able to create something like “greater distance” from our daily demands so that we too can gain greater perspective about our lives and our purpose.

Recently I put two ideas together that I recently read which when combined, go a long way toward accomplishing that goal.

Every thought you have has a beginning and an end. As such, thoughts are finite. You, on the other hand, are not. You are non-local awareness temporarily residing in a physical body. Awareness is different than thought. To keep it simple, let’s just liken thoughts to facts and awareness to intuition. Intuition precedes and encompasses thought. It is a kind of knowing…separate from the physical body…at once infinite and eternal. 

When stresses in you Life build up, it’s pretty common to go into thought overload about how to deal with all that’s happening.  It’s in those “thought loops”, as I call them, that we get stuck going ’round and ’round looking for a way out. But if you can stop! for just a second when you find yourself in the “loop” and remember that your thoughts begin and end while you do not…that you are the intuitive knowing that precedes and encompasses all thought…it can go a long way towards giving you that expanded perspective that, by it’s very nature, removes the grandeur and immediacy from those troubling thoughts.

I think outside the box but I live in it, as do you. I never give advice or share perspective that I have not lived or am not living.  Lately, I have had an almost inconceivable amount of stress in my Life. What I am sharing here actually works! Whenever I find myself deep in trying to figure it all out…I just imagine everything that I think is so troublesome as the Earth and my body as that spacecraft the astronauts go up in. Then I look back at it all from my place of non-local awareness and poof!…I see it all differently, more holistically, and certainly more meaningfully.

So, today, when it all gets to be too much…go beyond it all, literally…and retreat to that state of non-local awareness that you are…then sit back and enjoy both the ride and the view.

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