Chaos: What You Can Do

As early as 16 months ago, I began writing about the challenges presented when fear rears it’s ugly head and we are asked to either succumb to it or rise above it. I was writing from a spiritual perspective and, for many, such musings are more philosophical than practical and so are placed low on the priority list of where their focus needs to be.  But those entries were originating from an “early warning system”, if you will, and were an attempt to lay the foundation and set forth guiding principles for what we now face in a very real and practical sense.

We are awakening each and every day to increasingly grim economic news. The potential for unprecedented difficulties and challenges is generating, what can accurately be stated to be, worldwide fear. Media headlines and breaking news fuel the fires of panic. The air is thick with worry. Such an environment is easily contagious and self-fulfilling by the sheer nature of it’s intensity.

However, there is good news also. The importance of seeking and speaking it cannot be overstated.

In the most constricted environments, there are always options….there is always the possibility for choice. This is where all those early warnings Now come into play. Free Will is not some esoteric concept. It is our birthright. We are free, at every moment, to create a world based upon fear or one based upon love. I need not belabor what a world based upon fear looks like. We have historically too often been manipulated by the creation of such a world by those in apparent power. The opportunity each of us is Now being presented with is to ignore the messages of fear and instead hold thoughts of plenty, aspirations of peace and trust in the highest good for all concerned.

There is no more of an instructive and constructive thought for you to hold onto at this time than this:

                                        F.E.A.R…False Events Appear Real

At the quantum level, physicists have shown that the observed is affected and changed by the presence of the observer. This is because what one perceives has a direct impact upon the matter being perceived. I use the term matter both literally and figuratively.  Literally, our world is composed of matter, manifested. It originates in, and is manifested from, thought. Figuratively, when things seem to be going “wrong'” the question we pose is “What’s the matter?”  Change your thought and the matter changes.

There is a core truth here.

                           If you think things are a certain way…so shall they be.

The challenge and the opportunity we Now face is to see the illusion of fear for what it is: an illusion. By so doing, we can co-create and manifest, in the most literal sense, an alternative reality…different matter…wherein the guiding principles are not fear and separation but rather compassion and Oneness.

Let the markets crumble and as you watch, see only rebirth. Allow the old and worn out to decompose so that out of the resulting dust your vision may cause to arise a new and more enlightened way for we humans to be that which we are so much more capable of being.

P.S. Here are the links to 3 of last year’s entries that were setting the stage for what we are now experiencing and the inner guidance it will take to get through it.–way.aspx

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