When In Doubt

I’m a mystic. What that means to me is that organized religion as practiced today leaves me wanting, but I find the world of the metaphysical full of wonder and satisfaction…not to mention a direct link to Creator. Still I am human and, periodically, we all have our doubts.

Last night I had one of those experiences that just wipes all that doubt away.

I have an in ground, concrete swimming pool on my property. It’s scheduled to be “closed” for the winter today. So, it’s my job, the day before closing, to drain the pool down to a certain water level for the winter. There are two ways I do that. 1) I use the motor to “backwash” a certain amount and 2) I then use a portable, submersible pump to drain the remainder. I had done both by last night then went off to sleep.

It was a fitful night and just before dawn, I had a terrible nightmare. I dreamed that the pool became drained of all it’s water then, somehow, caught on fire. The dream was so frightening in the way I envisioned it that I awoke fearful and couldn’t go back to sleep. Fully awake, I showered and dressed. When I arrived downstairs and looked out the kitchen window, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The pool was drained of about twice as much water as it had been the night before when I went off to sleep.

I rushed outside… all the while trying to figure out how it had happened…as the submersible pump was no longer plugged in and was sitting outside the pool. Then it dawned on me!  When I had used the motor to lower the first few inches of water, I had forgotten to turn the flow valve off of backwash. Slowly, overnight, water had leaked through the system and caused the drop in level.

Immediately I began to actually fill the pool as the level was now too low for the winter. While I was doing that, I thought how the dream had been trying to wake me and warn me that the pool was continuing to drain.  However, I just couldn’t figure out where the fire in the dream had come from when suddenly I heard the pool equipment making a horrible sound I had never heard before. I rushed over to the equipment and saw that the automatic timer that turns the pool on and off each day was still set. The motor had turned on, but with no water in the system. Had I not been there at that moment to shut off the motor…the system would have burned out and a fire would have likely ensued!

I always read a book just before going off to sleep and last night I was reading “The Prophet’s Way” by Thom Hartmann. In particular, I was reading about his having once been in the office of Jean Young, former United Nations administrator and wife of Andrew Young, former Mayor of Atlanta. Hartmann was accompanying a mystic named Herr Gottfired Muller to the meeting which was to discuss the building of a school in Africa for poor and abandoned children. During the meeting Mrs. Young left the room for a moment. Mueller turned to Hartmann and asked him if he had seen the “Angels” that were around Mrs. Young. At first, he thought Mueller was being figurative but quickly realized he meant what he said. Mueller said there were two angels with Mrs. Young, one of which never left her side. Parenthetically, Jean Young was a much admired woman during her life who did amazing work and left a lasting impression on everyone who met her.

Why tell you about Jean Young, the Angels, and my swimming pool?

Because I am certain there were Angels in her office that day protecting and guiding her just as there were Angels protecting me and guiding me in my sleep last night. I was warned and awakened by that guidance and it protected me against a potential catastrophe today.

We are living through challenging and uncertain times and it’s easy to feel that we’re alone against insurmountable odds. The next time I am in doubt about Creator, It’s Love for Us and It’s guiding hand…I hope I remember this story.

I wish the same to you.


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