It's All About Energy

>When traveling to a foreign country, it’s not uncommon to discover that your electrical appliances don’t work. Generally the problem is that certain countries use 110v-120v and others use 220v-240v. The resolution is quite simple. You simply need an adapter.
    Which got me to thinking about how we humans are basically made up of energy and how difficult it is for us to get along…basically to “work” right together. Like those different electrical currents from country to country. If there is any transferable or logical thought that can get us from appliances to relationships (and you have to allow that there is to keep reading) then it seems to me that what we humans need, especially in male-female relationships, is the equivalent of an adapter.
    Which got me to thinking further about what that would be and how it would work. And I concluded that we already have such a mechanism. It’s called change.
    Change is the vehicle that allows individuals who are inherently diverse and dissimilar to adapt to their differences and thereby stay in relationship to one another. Without change, it is inevitable that those diverse energies will eventually “short out” each other. When that happens in marriage it’s called divorce.
    We all tend to be so proprietary and defensive about our view of life, our way of doing things, and our opinions that instead of allowing that others feel similarly and are entitled to do so, we instead dig in deeper to our position> on things rather than allowing change to happen by exhibiting flexibility. Why we are so resistant to change is easy to understand yet simultaneously offers us a paradox.
    Change means letting go of preconceived ideas. It means embarking upon an unknown. It means not responding based upon past experience but rather upon only what is occurring in the moment. It means vulnerability as we traverse untrod territory. It  requires trust…of Self, the Other and the Universe.
    >The paradox is that Life is change. Nothing stays the same. Even our cells are dying off with new ones being created, literally, every moment. So if the one unfailing characteristic of Life is change, and we remain unwilling to change, to adapt, where does that leave us? Well, I think that in regard to personal relationships, it leaves us pretty much like the world traveler who sets off with necessary items that, without an adapter, he or she will never get to use…and so winds up having an unpleasant experience that was unintended, and unnecessary, but for poor planning and lack of preparedness.
    Perhaps instead of financial, religious, or child-rearing advice, we should require premarital lessons in how to adapt to the inevitable changes that will occur within ourselves and our partners.
    Perhaps instead of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…we may want to be certain that in whatever ‘baggage” we come to relationships with we have carefully packed the ability to change and adapt to the inevitable ebb and flow of human interactions so that not only is neither partner “shorted out” but that each is able to function at his or her respective peak level of efficiency.
    If this all sounds just a little too mechanistic for you…just remember that fundamentally we’re all just energy vibrating at a certain frequency and perhaps what you need to do is change how you look at things.
    You know, plug in your “adapter.”
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