Navigating Change

>     Yesterday I once again spoke to about 450 high-school-age students about depression and suicide. While those subjects are the groundwork for my presentation, I really talk to them about a way of life I have discovered that works for me. It’s all about being in pursuit of your own inner truth and using your own inner guidance to get there. Along the way, I’ve learned how to deal with the inevitable pain we humans experience around resistance and change, as well as how I get through difficult times.
    It was a very timely presentation as I’ve recently had my share of unanticipated changes and the pain that accompanies them…so yesterday I happened to be living not only the opportunity pass on what I perceive to be pearls of wisdom..but also to walk my talk.
    Life has a way of doing that, you know. Just when you think you have something figured out, in theory, Life steps in and says, “OK, now let’s just see how that works for you.”  And usually, the actual experience of living your talk is accompanied by yet another and deeper understanding that only walking the talk can provide.
    Such was the case yesterday.
    After detailing for these young adults how our thoughts create the way we feel, and if you feel badly…change your thought, I came home at the end of the day to receive yet another piece of disappointing news. Just one more atop the heap that has lately piled up. Then, before I realized it, I was knee deep in thinking about all the stress in my life and how in the world was I going to manage it?
    Taking my own advice, I began to change my thoughts.
    Slowly, I let go of the worrying about how I’d manage all of the stress and began to think instead of all the good that’s in my life. The shift from how to manage the future to instead appreciating the present made a perceptible change in the way I felt. It allowed me to release the worry and embrace the gratitude. My spirits were lifted and suddenly all that worry and stress seemed much less important. After all, the resolution of it all would unfold, of it’s own accord, in some future time. But since it wasn’t in the moment, why bother?
    Now up to this point in my story I pretty much already knew how to apply that technique, if you will. It was what came next that was the extra, added insight.
    When you bring yourself truly present in you Life, you don’t suddenly become at peace with the world or morph into some joy-filled Being. However, what you do become is more seated in your own power. The effect of taking control of you thoughts and denying your mind the power to control you, actually empowers you in a way that transcends your mind. It connects you with the Source of All That Is and thereby allows you to experience the true power of Co-Creation. After all, if you are the creator, rather than the victim, of your experience you get to design the experience as well as the outcome. When you actually do this, there is a quiet knowing that builds upon itself and instills within you a new level of certainty in your own ability to handle all that comes your way.
   I woke up this morning and still have the issues to deal with that were in front of me yesterday. But I’ve added strength to the muscle of certainty that I can deal with them whenever and wherever they show up while enjoying myself in the meantime.
   It’s like having a personal trainer for you Soul.
   And it’s cost effective.
   My ex-husband pays $90 an hour for a personal trainer at his gym.
   Mine is free…and I have access no matter where I am.

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