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>     As I was reading
today of the allegations that John McCain not only had an improper
professional relationship with a lobbyist named Vicki Iseman, but may
also have had a romantic one with her as well, I couldn’t help notice
the uncanny resemblance between the photos of Ms. Iseman and McCain’s
wife, Vicki. The two women could truly be twins…which makes added
fodder for the rumors and suspicion mill.
    So, as a former
divorce lawyer, I started thinking about why people, whether married or
not, choose to betray the trust of a committed relationship by
surreptitiously seeking out some form of companionship with another?
    I have been married twice. Once, at age 23 for a year and then
again at age 41 until present. In between those marriages I had two
meaningful, longterm relationships, as well as practiced divorce law
for 13 years.
    I know a little about relationships.
    Actually, I know a lot.
    Most of us choose a partner by default rather than by design. By that I meant we choose unconsciously. No, I didn’t mean sub-consciously.  I meant un-consciously.
When we are unaware and unawakened as to who we are as whole and
complete beings in and of ourselves we are attracted to an “Other” who
fills in the blanks that are the result of our own lack of development
or who, by their presence, distracts us from the inner work we so
conveniently wish to ignore. This is choice by default and its doomed
to fail. Without an “awakening” by one or both parties to the neediness
underlying the relationship, there can be no real growth or
progress…just a lot of exhaustive running in place, so to speak.
    Without that “awakening” and the inevitable return to the inner
journey of completing oneself, the most frequent “cure” is to find, by
default, yet one more “Other” who fulfills the same role. Who’s
presence helps perpetuate the charade that change is occurring.
    This is why people go in search, unconsciously, for someone outside
their relationship. The relationship they are in was founded on shaky
ground and, at some point, they begin to feel the ground giving way.
    They are looking for firmer ground but are unwilling to “go the distance” it will take to get to higher ground.
    They will find a quick and convenient fix to stop the pain. The underlying dis-ease will,of course, continue to fester.
    The irony is that anyone we are in a close relationship with holds the potential for our highest good and maximum growth if only we are willing to awaken from the sleep of delusion and face the truth of who we are.
    Nature always holds answers for me. When I look at the intelligent
design of it in all Its’ beauty and wonder it’s a small leap for me to
conclude that a similar design exists within Human Nature.
    The people in our lives are there to provide the optimal conditions
and opportunities for us to awaken from unconscious choices and see
both the Other and Ourselves as we truly are…each innocent and loving
co-creators who hold within us the knowledge of the highest good for
all concerned.
    If it turns out that John McCain had an
extra-marital relationship with Vicki Iseman, then the only thing we
will know for sure is that he is in some way unconscious and unaware of
who he really is.
    You may or may not find that relevant to the position of Commander-in Chief.
    That’s beyond the scope of this blog.

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