Mistaken Identity

>     There is so much talk these days from the Conservative Right likening what is happening in the United States, and globally, to Fascism that I think some perspective might be of value.  Yes, I am certain there are those in today’s world who would like to wield the power of the few over the control of the many. Such people have always existed. What changes is simply their methodology of choice and our willingness, or unwillingness, to play by their rules.
    Fascism’s method of choice is to convince us that we are indistinguishable from one another, interchangeable, and subject to the opinions of a ruling elite as to what each of us has and has access to achieving. Under Fascism, the rights of the individual are subordinated to the rights of the State. Perhaps its overriding characteristic is zero tolerance for anyone who thinks or acts “outside the box” of that which is legally and societally mandated to be “correct” thought and “correct” behavior. And yes, Fascists exist here and now.
    However, the more important issue is where, exactly, is your Here and Now? For where you “Are” in your consciousness determines the experiences you will have. So, naturally, those people who are motivated by fear and living in a world where victimization is the result of circumstances beyond their control rather than the outcomes caused by their own choices, see the evolving concept of world unity within the confines of their narrow and fear-based view. The enemy is out to get them.
    The evolving concept of Unity, or Oneness, to which I and so many others have awakened, exists in opposition to all that Fascism strives to create. Oneness is not an abdication of personal rights, responsibilities and identity. To the contrary, it is a heightened awareness of what each of those States of Being means. Guidance under Fascism is externally imposed by others while guidance in Oneness is an internal choice directed by one’s own preferences. Where Fascism is intolerant of deviation from the “norm”, Oneness celebrates diversity in every form as a unique expression and experience of Itself.
    The “oneness” of Oneness is simply a knowing that we all originate from One Source of Creative Energy that has as its only intention Love of Self. This is, admittedly, a huge understanding. If it is also a frightening and overwhelming concept to some, for all that it implies about the magnitude of our own choices, perhaps they are more comfortable creating a reality where they must stand alert for Fascists and others who would rob them of their personal power.
    In the State of Oneness, nothing can be taken from you other than that which you relinquish by failing to take responsibility for your every thought, word and deed. When that intellectual realization becomes a conscious knowing, then there are no Fascists, Communists, terrorists, or “others” by any name who hold power and direction over your life and the fulfillment of it’s unique purpose.
    We are each end-points of light shining brilliantly at the outermost tips of an infinite number of light-beams emanating from One Source of Divinely Inspired Energy.
    Not Fascists.

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