How To Get What You Want

>     Most of us were not raised with all of the information that is readily available today. By that I mean the “consciousness” available. Most of us were raised during a time when, for the most part, humankind was in a kind of sleep state from which it is now collectively awakening. In that sleep state, we were not only self-centered and lacking personal responsibility, but also tended to use one of two types of mechanisms to get what we wanted from others…either manipulation or seduction. Neither technique was confined by gender, although seduction will most easily come to mind as used by women to get what they wanted from men. But that’s a cheap and easy out, since advertisers and media have long used the art of seduction (via sexually contrived advertising) to manipulate us into buying what it they’re selling. Manipulation and seduction have been the bedrocks of a materialistically based society and have been the “tools of the trade” of humankind for these millennia.
    The casualties of using manipulation and seduction are truth and intimacy. Rather large prices to pay for short-term satisfaction, wouldn’t you agree? Whether in personal or global relationships, when one feels manipulated or seduced into less than desirable behavior there is a residual feeling that the “other” cannot be trusted. Without trust, intimacy is impossible. And again, intimacy is so much more than sexual intimacy. Intimacy is defined as “a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding of a place, subject, period of history, etc.” Without intimacy it’s impossible to transcend the apparent
differences between individuals and nations in order to reach the higher levels of trust-based exchange and relationship that are needed to create peace. Lack of trust and intimacy breeds fear and sustains separation. the hallmarks of the sleep state in which we have been living.
    The really good news is that we are awakening to a new realization and commitment to a more productive and life affirming way of getting what it is we want. Rather than through manipulation and seduction we are choosing to turn inward and attempt to perfect out own thoughts, words, actions and, ultimately, behavior, to create the world we desire rather than trying to bring it forth through deception.
    The odds are with us now as more and more of us awaken. A structure built on a weak foundation, which is what deception is, must inevitably crumble. However, one built upon an enduring and secure foundation will likely stand the test of Time.
    In case you haven’t noticed, we live in a world of Time and so it would be best to remain conscious and build that which we create in light of it’s, and our, need to endure.

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