Ode To Joy

>  Lately I’ve been very stressed out. It’s been one of those times when Life just hands you a bit more than you’d prefer to deal with…which is where the expression comes from “It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it.”
    I’ve been dealing with it poorly. Which is what has me thinking about joy. It’s been sorely missing from my life during all this stress, which is where that other expression comes from, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”
    So, this is my Ode to Joy.
    A long time ago I dated a man who laughed so infrequently I can still recall, after 30 years, the few times he really laughed. I mean that kind of deep from the belly laugh that goes on so long you think you’ll run out of breath. I was always trying to get him to be more playful, but to no avail. I think that’s why I left him.
    It’s no fun living without joy so lately, if you ask my family, they’d probably tell you it’s been no fun living with me. They’d be right. It’s been no fun living with me, either…and I’m Me.
    We live in challenging times…but Life is challenging no matter what “time” you live in. No one has ever been born that wasn’t forced to face difficulties and challenges they’d have preferred to skip. But that’s why we’re born to begin with, isn’t it? We’re born to overcome the darkness and become the Light.
    The dark is dense, hard to maneuver around in and easy to get lost in as well. It’s just plain heavy.
    Light is…well…light! It’s airy and weightless and easy to see through and clears the way for exactly where it is you want to go.
    I’ve noticed that when I’m sad or angry or depressed (yes, I get depressed) Life takes on a heaviness and time seems to slow to a near crawl. This leads me to conclude that those emotions…and the energy, or frequency, that sustains them…is heavy…like darkness.
    To the contrary, when I’m happy or joyful or excited (yes, I get excited) Life is open and filled with wonder and time flies.
    So, then, it’s really about choice.
    We live in a “free-will zone” where we get to choose our thoughts and where we want to place our attention. It’s like the radio in your car. If the station you’re listening to isn’t playing music you like…or talking about something you want to hear…you change the station.  Well, if you’re mind is repeatedly telling you all that’s wrong with your life, change “the station.”
    Change frequencies.
    Literally…lighten up.
    Tune out that which isn’t uplifting or joyful and tune in that which is. It’s done by changing the frequency of your thought waves from those that are dense to those that are light. It’s done by thinking about all that is good or possible or joyful in your life, instead of what’s wrong.
    This is really good advice. I think I’ll take it.
    Who’s there?
    Orange who?
    Orange you even gonna try it?

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