Ann Coulter: Tyrannosourous Rex

>    Ann Coulter, columnist, author, speaker, and political commentator is a dinosaur. She and others like her are on the verge of extinction. They refuse to see beyond their own limiting and divisive beliefs in order to catch the wave of unity that is sweeping the globe. It’s not that they don’t sense the global change taking place, it’s just that they want to obstruct it, making a conscious effort to re-frame the tidal wave of change as a “return to Socialism or Communism” rather than the evolutionary leap to honoring diversity within unity that it is.
    For a long time, Ann Coulter, and the Conservative Christian Right she represents, have spoken in exclusionary terms of “us vs. them”…”Republican vs. Democrat”…”Conservative vs. Liberal”…”Christian vs…well…that one was just taken to an entirely new level by Ms. Coulter.
    It seems that earlier this week, in an interview on Donnie Deutsch’s CNBC’s cable show “The Big Idea”, Ms. Coulter stepped completely out of the shadows and stated that the United States would be better off if everyone were Republican and Christian. As if that were not thinking small enough, she went on to say that “Jews” needed to be “perfected” by becoming (I can only assume) messianic Jews, or, born again Christians.
    If a Jew needs to be perfected it is safe to conclude that in my present state I, as a Jew, must be imperfect. Now, I looked into the mirror earlier that morning and every morning since Ms. Coulter made her beliefs known, and I have not observed my obvious imperfections. What I see in the mirror is the same thing I see when I look into the eyes of any other living being…the image and likeness of God. Quite simply, perfection. It’s a perfection best described by a dear friend who passed away a couple of years ago and who taught me, “We are all born perfectly imperfect.”
    It is for each of us in our own way and using the gift of Free Will to take the situations and character we are born with and elevate them through good choices, deeds of service, and right speech. Right speech, by the way, is not the political Right Ms. Coulter espouses. It’s using words carefully chosen in a way that does no harm. Suggesting that people who do not see the Creator as you do as being not only wrong but in need of changing their beliefs to match your own is arrogant, condescending and dangerous. The arrogance and condescension are obvious on their face. So let’s take a look at the danger.
    Caesar, Attila, Hitler, and a host of other politicians also believed that their view was the only view and certain imperfect peoples needed to be either converted or eliminated. While Ms. Coulter only spoke to stage one, the conversion process, history shows that stage two is never far behind.
    I think it’s important to give credit where credit is due. Ms. Coulter is very bright and attractive. But there were bright and attractive dinosaurs as well…even those with silky hair and long, lanky legs…and they are extinct as well because they could not adapt to the inevitable changes that came their way.
    We are living through a transition unparalleled in human history that is expanding, exponentially, the abilities and scope of human consciousness. It is a time of comprehending, in a most profound  manner, how we are all connected and interdependent, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion or status on the food chain. Thinking otherwise is a futile attempt to stand firmly rooted in quicksand.
    Someday, in a world where respect for life regardless of form will be the norm, children born into harmony and unity will be able to see politically right-wing Conservative Christians in the Smithsonian…as an exhibit.

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