Welcome Relief

>    On a day when headlines read as usual “Oprah Asks Justin About Britany” and “Al Qaeda Wants Jihad Against Musharraf” what a welcome relief to read “Yousiff’s Surgery Went Well, Doctor Said” referring, of course, to the delicate operation (the first of many to be performed) on the 5-year-old boy from Iraq who was dragged from his home by masked men and brutally doused with gasoline then set on fire. 
    What a testimony to the kindness of strangers and the possibilities that exist when we use our will and our technology for the highest good of all concerned.  Many people, worldwide, were so moved by the tragedy that they contributed money, transportation and medical skills in order to provide this child with surgery and the possibility of a normal life.
    Yousiff’s story is the kind of news that elevates our thoughts and opens our hearts. It’s stories such as his that provide the opportunity for we, as members of humankind to be the best we can be. And while his story is one of millions, it sets the example of what we are capable of when we use our power and our talent for good.
    So let’s talk about the millions that don’t make the headlines. Those who remain faceless and nameless but who, nonetheless, daily suffer the anguish, pain and tragedies inflicted upon the defenseless and the disempowered. Whether it’s Darfur, Somalia, Columbia, or anywhere else in the world (including the United States), we are daily offered opportunities to step up, reach out and make a difference. And while I by no means belittle contributing money or time (for at that stage its about all one can do), I’d like to suggest more proactive and preventative measures.
    If we can focus our attention on how interconnected we all are, how each of our actions impacts others both near and far, and how responsible we each are for the thoughts we have and the actions we take in furtherance of those thoughts, I believe it’s possible to change the world we now live in to such a degree that we actually cease co-creating the pain and suffering that surround us.
    As far back as I can remember, I always liked to say, “Thoughts are things.” I just instinctively knew that to be true. Now, as humankind expands what we know about consciousness, we are beginning to prove that we actually effect reality with our thoughts. Perhaps soon we will prove that we not only effect it, we co-create it.
    So, if in fact, our thoughts create the world in which we live, then its vital that we see ourselves, all of humankind, as One Unified Being with many parts, or aspects, of Itself. It’s vital that we understand that when we hurt one part or aspect of that One Unified Being, the pain is felt throughout and reactions occur accordingly. We must begin to think of how we can elevate the human condition, not perpetuate it’s suffering and tragedies by focusing our attention and our deeds on the highest good for all concerned.
    I know all of the people who contributed money and time to make Yousiff’s journey and surgery possible are invaluable. But so are each one of us who focus our thoughts on his healing…and on the healing of pain and suffering everywhere.
    Remember, “Thoughts are things.” Build the foundation for the world you want, brick by brick…thought by thought…deed by deed…and so it will be.
    Blessings and healing to you, Yousiff.

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