Toys for Tots

>    Mattel, parent company of Fischer-Price, has stated through it’s Chairman, Bob Eckert that “Nothing is more important than the safety of our children.”
    Imagine if that were true. What would our world be like?

1.  No guns.

2.  No violent video games.

3   No reality TV.

4.  No behavioral altering additives to food and candy.

5.  No seductive, sexually suggestive advertising aimed at teenagers.

6.  No child abuse.

7.  No sub-standard education.

8.  Mandatory life sentences for 1st time child sex offenders.

9.  No weapons manufactured as “toys.”

10. No cigarettes.

11. No culturally encouraged dating by kids under the age of sixteen.

12. No dumping of pre-school-age children in daycare with strangers.

13. No over-medicating of children for behavioral issues.

14. Parents spending time with children instead of buying them off with “things” and using unsupervised TV as a substitute babysitter.

15. No fast food restaurants.

16. No child obesity.

17. No anorexia/bulimia epidemic.

18. The “de-idolization” of youth as a cultural aspiration.

19. The end to exploitative child labor.

20  The end of trafficking in child prostitution.

    So, since “nothing is more important than the safety of our children,” for now let’s just get the lethal lead out of the paint and recall the toys with deadly parts that we’ve turned our attention from in order to manufacture them cheaper in China (using child labor).
    Surely the other 19 issues can wait. 
    I wonder.
    How long can we afford to let the children wait?

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