Some Thoughts About Nothing

>It’s challenging to write a blog entry every day.  It means you have to either have strong thoughts and feelings about something going on in the world that day or you have to have an original idea to share.  In fact, some days I just wake up, sit down to write, and nothing!  Nothing new grabbing my attention or stirring my emotions in the news…and nothing new popping into my head, either. What’s a writer to do?  Today is like that.  So, as I sat here wondering what I could write about, I started to think about nothing.  Actually, I’m thinking about “no-thing” which isn’t quite the same thing.
    No-thing is that place scientists and spiritualists refer to when they talk about pure potential.  It’s the space between words…the gap between your incoming and outgoing breaths… the void that existed just before the Universe was created.  It’s the empty moment, so to speak, when all things are possible.
    We live in a culture that honors and reveres…worships, actually….things.  Money, cars, houses, fame.  All of these things are the measure of success and symbols of attainment within our society.  But if more things are the measure of success, and success should bring satisfaction, then how come we are, generally speaking, stressed out and unsatisfied?
    Perhaps the answer lies in no-thingness.
    What if the true measure of success is being able to reside in that place of pure potential, that place of no-thingness, from where something sacred is always about to happen.  A place from which some personal, creative act that enlivens you and at the same time enriches the world in which you live can be birthed.  A place perpetually alive with possibilities.
    We are so driven by materialism to do more and acquire more that we are in perpetual states of doing and acquiring.  These are not peaceful states of being.  In fact, they are not states of being at all.  They are states of doing.  Virtually no one and nothing in our day encourages us to cease all of the activity and just rest in that place of pure potential where, truly, miracles originate.
    I know the moments I feel most alive and most engaged with life are not when I have acquired a new “thing” but rather when I can sense the possibility of a new awareness.
    Or find myself having written a new blog entry from nothing.

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